With the Tsunami warning in Canarias Island and violence in Barcelona is Spain still safe for tourism?

air flight cheap tickets, with tsunami in canarias island and violence is Barcelona, is Spain safe to visit
Freedom for Catalonia


We all know that Spain for the Brits has long been the most popular vacation hotspot but with the occurring trouble has left a lot of doubts and concerned for their safety.


The Catalan independence movement which seeks the independence of Catalonia from Spain, on October 1 held a referendum on the issue of becoming an independent state which lead to violence descending on Barcelona.


Before the referendum date the Spanish government sent squad of military police from various part of Spanish base to Barcelona to keep the peace but unfortunately violence broke and the Spanish military police attacked voters with batons and rubber bullets causing physical damages to more that 700 people.


Violence started again on Monday as 350,00 protesters stormed on Barcelona for an anti-Catalonia independence protest.


Canary Island Tsunami Warning

At Canarias Island, the weather is not that favorable adding woes to travelers. A sudden widespread fear broke out that Canarias Island volcano could blow and send a monster tsunami cascading over Spain.


Experts are calculating the probability of a huge volcano eruption after 40 earthquakes in 48 hours.


According to some scientists, they say if it explode it will collapse into the sea therefore causing a mile-high tidal wave over Spain.


Experts went ahead foretelling the tsunami would strike Spain’s south and west as well as Portugal, causing the British holidaymakers and other tourist to think twice.


air flight cheap tickets, Catalonia riot, Catalonia referendum
Spanish riot police swings a club against would-be voters near a school.


Meanwhile at the foreign Office website there are currently no warnings against traveling to Barcelona or Spain.


Stated on the website: “Due to the referendum, demonstrations have taken place in Barcelona and other areas of the Catalonia region and may continue for some days.”


Occurrence could be little or with no alert and even demonstrations aimed to be peaceful can go out of hand sometimes and turn confrontational. I suggest being calm and exercise caution if you find yourself around the vicinity.


You should have in mind that demonstrations like this could also cause some disruption and delays to public transport and other services being close. This may also cause strike action which can affect local business services over the immediate period.


Reading through the foreign Office website, it claim “Majority of the visits to Spain are trouble-free”, but advise tourists to keep eye out for thieves.


air flight cheap tickets, cheap flights to Spain, Catalonia riot
Peaceful Referendum match


Travelers should take advantage on the booking of cheap hotels now and also cheap flight tickets to Barcelona as experts believe that the prices are going down due to some tourists struggle to grasp the risk.


The president of the Barcelona Association of Tourist Apartments Enrique Alcantara told the Telegraph that “It’s not looking great.”


Enrique Alcantara is not the only one at the corner. Big shots like La Caixa bank, Sabadell bank, Gas Natural and some foreign investors are thinking of moving headquarters to cities like Valencia, Madrid saying they are doing so to protect customers right.


Recent events are already affecting the tourist industry claimed Perico Cortes of the En Compania de Lobos restaurant group.


At the moment that Barcelona is suffering potential drop in tourists, other parts of Spain are looking for a way to slash the amount of British travelers.


A shocking research revealed two out of three residents of Balearic islands Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza believe Brit tourist numbers should be reduced. You can spot some anti-tourist graffiti in Mallorca the capital city of Palma.



air flight cheap tickets, Barcelona on crisis over the referendum
Tourist you’r the terrorist.


air flight cheap tickets, Catalonia seeking for independence, book cheap hotels in Barcelona
A protesters carrying a banner


You would find sayings such as “Tourists go home” some others would say “Tourists you are the terrorist” as you can see on the above photo, but some part of Barcelona protested against it.


The hateful message arose after local authorities rolled out a list of 64 banned activities for vacationers including nudity, drinking alcohol and vomiting in public places and most of all climbing trees when drunk.


Till date over 12 million British nationals travel to visit Spain yearly. In spite of the Brexit vote causing the pound to euro exchange to dip, there is a record of British tourists that visited last year.


Spanish economists had feared that tourism would drop after sterling’s fall in value. Tourism accounts for 11% of the country’s economic output.


Carles Puigdemont the leader of Catalan has currently put declaration of independence on hold to allow time for negotiation.


But is Barcelona and the rest of Spain still safe for British and other tourists?


I’ve being living in Spain for these wonderful years and I would say it has become a home for me and I feel safe under her roof. If you feel Barcelona is not the place for your vacation at the moment then you could try Cadiz with beautiful beach and yes the weather is still great to hop in the beach, that’s Spain for you! or check out the 20 amazing things you can do in Madrid I’m sure we have plenty of things to inspire that vacation.


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20 thoughts on “With the Tsunami warning in Canarias Island and violence in Barcelona is Spain still safe for tourism?

  1. It is sad to see any part of the world in such a state. But then I guess occasional turbulence is part and parcel of the modern world and I hope it all settles down as soon as possible. As a traveler, I would rather wait for things to settle before planning a trip to Spain

    1. Thank you Neha for the feedback. Information is good to acquire and you just learnt about Spain with the ongoing issues but I tell you only but one thing “come visit” and you won’t regret it. Thanks.

      Happy Flying

  2. Thanks for suggesting another option if which place to go. For my honest opinion, as someone who travels solo, I would skip the place for now. I love challenges but not when it comes to security and natural disasters…

    Prayers for peace for this beautiful world…

    1. Thank you Louiela for the feedback. I respect your opinion but just for your information, the situation at Barcelona is what we call a normal protest for change which can happen anywhere in the world. Peace is in Barcelona and Spain as a whole so, do not panic if planning on coming around. For real, now you can get the best deal for hotels and flights. Thanks.

      Happy Flying!

  3. An interesting thought about the tourists. On one-side, they bring in so much money through food, accommodation and souvenirs. On the other side, the ‘Brits abroad’ stereotype is not something that any country would welcome. Many other nations can enjoy a foreign country whilst still respecting it. We Brits tend to struggle in that respect… I guess my point is that I don’t blame some of those areas for wanting rid of us!

    1. Thank you Chris for the feedback. Tourism creates employment as you said and nobody wants to lose that. The government are trying to amend the law to keep decency in the community I believe. Nevertheless, book that vacation trip to Barcelona or Spain for they are accommodating people and a safe place to be. Thanks.

      Happy Flying!

  4. I have heard about Spain only for positive reasons and so this post makes it a bit depressing. I would just hope that the tourists respect the destination and that the hate against tourists comes down. It is vital for all the tourism stakeholders as there are not many countries that have a year-round tourist-friendly climate.

    1. Thank you Ambuj for the feedback. In any negativity there is always a positive thing coming out of it. Spain is and has always been a friendly accommodating country despite whatever.

      Happy Flying!

  5. I am sure this is a passing phase and Spain will always be a hot tourist location. I am sure the locals realize that it helps with the economy of the country too. For tourists, I think they should be responsible enough not to hurt locals or local sentiments. I can understand folks being a little skeptical in visiting with the current unrest but things should settle, soon.

    1. Thank you Swati for the response. Things will settle and it has already started so. The leader of the Catalan has called for a dialog meeting.

      Happy Flying!

  6. Well, I was in Athens during the protests regarding the way the government wanted to handle the dept – apart of some central places everyone was going on with their everyday life… So I don’t really think that going these days to Barcelona is such a bad idea…

    1. Thank you Mario for the response. I’m with you. False information could be holding you down from something you really want. Always safe to visit Catalan.

      Happy Flying!

  7. Quite a frank and candid post. Many times we do not get a clear picture of the status of affairs as the media generally hypes things. However you have presented all the pros and cons and considering that you have been staying in Spain, your opinion makes a lot of difference.

    1. Thank you Sandy for the feedback. My story from my perspective as one residing in the country which is not far from the truth. Visit Barcelona, at the moment you will get cheap flight deals and hotels.

      Happy Flying!

  8. It’s absolutely scandalous what the Spanish Police were doing to the Catalonian people, but I don’t think what is going on there would deter me from going. In-fact I very nearly moved to Barcelona earlier this year but I had to change plans. I still one day would love to live in Barcelona

    1. Thank you amit for the response. In manifestation like this sometimes it get out of hand like what we just saw in Barcelona. But Barcelona and Spain as as whole is safe to visit so don’t let this disturb your trip.

      Happy Flying!

  9. I didn’t know about these information about Spain, and I truly fear for the possibility of the volcano eruption and tidal wave. Oh lord, I hope they don’t happen. I am thinking of going to Spain next year, I have a friend who lives there. So far she is doing fine, but now that you mentioned it, I might just look at the flights going there and see if indeed the price has been lowered.

    1. Thank you Marge for the feedback. At the moment everything here is at normal. Yes, check them prices I’m sure you’ll get something decent as they try to lower hotel and flight prices to encourage travelers.

      Happy Flying!

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