Virgin Atlantic Free Flights For Women To St. Lucia


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Virgin Atlantic Free Holiday Tickets

Searching for a free Caribbean getaway? You best do have the right name.


Virgin Holidays has announced a contest giving any woman named Lucy (or Lucia) an opportunity to win a free trip to the Caribbean island of St. Lucia.


Out of appreciation for the International Women’s Day March 8, the company is celebrating the only nation to be named after a woman by offering four sets of round-trip economy class Virgin Atlantic flights from London Gatwick to St. Lucia to four fortunate women with the same name.


Your name on your passport must be Lucy or Lucia so as to qualify.


Betwixt March 7 and 11, the Lucy’s of the U.K. (or on the other hand outside the U.K., in case you’re willing to get yourself to London Gatwick) can enter to win on the Virgin Holidays website. It’s gonna be a random select and four winner will be selected.


As per Metro, three Virgin Holidays advisor (likewise named Lucy) they all went to St. Lucia to check out the prize vacation for themselves.


“St. Lucia is such an astonishing country with an amazing view and wonderful people,” Lucy Hudson told Metro. The country is especially known for its lovely mountain scenes just as dazzling beaches.


Virgin Holidays is not the first flight company offering a peculiar flight deal based on a name. Back in February, WOW Air offered anybody with the first or last name Valentine free tickets to Iceland.


On a comparable note, JetBlue has offered free travel a few times with an exceptional catch, including free airfare as long as you go to volunteer while you travel, and free tickets for anybody willing to erase their Instagram account for good.


Anybody named Lucy hoping to take advantage of this deal can uncover more information and enter on the Virgin Holidays website.


Virgin Atlantic Fight. AFCT
Virgin Atlantic Free Flights To The Caribbean.


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2 thoughts on “Virgin Atlantic Free Flights For Women To St. Lucia

  1. My name is Lucia and I was engaged in St. Lucia in 2006. I love the Island and would love the opportunity to return there with Virgin Atlantic.

    1. Thank you Lucia for the feedback. Virgin Atlantic comes out each year with different competition to engage in on winning free flight tickets to such amazing places. I’m glad they could make you happy back in 2006. Please do check back for more information.

      Happy Flying!

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