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A lot of airfare booking sites will tell customers to book within a certain period of time in order to maximum the possibilities of getting a great deal. While this is a good tip, this is not the only tip to securing a great deal. Here are five tips to consider whenever you want to get the best deals!


1. Timing: When is the correct time frame to buy cheap flight tickets

2. Season: When to fly cheap

3. Pricing: Compare prices (Extremely low)

4. Process of buying: How to buy cheap flight tickets

5. Searching: When to search for flight tickets



Everything has its right time in order to get the best result. Purchasing flight tickets online is no different. There have been many debates as to when is the best time to purchase airline tickets. Do we purchase them 6 weeks in advance?


Do we wait until the week before? What is the best option? Through trial and error, we have found that there are two good options. One is buying your ticket within a certain time frame and the other is buying at the very last minute.


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Planning ahead seems to be the best way to prepare for travel. Studies show that airlines tickets should be purchased 3-12 weeks in advance. There are many advantages to planning ahead. One advantage is that it gives ample time to prepare for any hiccups that might arise and it also gives time to compare costs.

On the other hand, we have the last minute flights. This is a lucky option. While we wouldn’t put this as a reliable option, it could in fact be a successful one. Because airlines dislike flying with empty seats, they will slash prices at the last minute to fill the seats.


If all hope is gone to book a flight, the last minute flights could be an option but is not always to be relied upon. Give yourself 3-12 weeks!



Thcheapest flight ticket ,discount flight tickets, booking domestic, cheapest air flight tickets, cheapest flights tickets, website cheapest flight tickets, get cheapest flight tickets, cheapest flight ticket, e day you travel can greatly influence the cost of an airline ticket. Flying during competitive periods such as the end of the year or Christmas, could make flight costs increase. The demand is high during these peak seasons because these are generally when we have holidays. Families are typically visiting loved ones and this makes prices go up.


Generally, people tend to travel on the weekends, making these days most expensive as well. Tuesday and Wednesday, on the other hand, seems to be the least expensive days. Another useful tip, if you’re an early riser, catch an early morning flight, seeing as how this time is not conducive with most schedules and therefore less competitive, less of a demand and have lower ticket prices.



There are many websites that offer the lowest airfare prices, you can spend hours going crazy looking for the perfect price. Air Flight Cheap Tickets eliminates the headache by bringing every flight deal on one screen! Compare the best deals with the single click of a button!



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Don’t go crazy every day looking for the lowest price offer. Contrary to what you think, the price will not change as you view them every day. In fact, the price will increase when you view them daily. Based on your browser configuration you will keep seeing high rate fares. This is due to some airfare websites that recognize your browser and furthermore will continue giving the same or higher amount until you make the purchase. The most efficient and seamless way of how to buy is to go to airflightcheaptickets.com and get your price comparison with the guaranteed lowest prices!




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Airlines launch their sales on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays, so don’t leave all your searching for the weekend!

Allow Air Flight Cheap Tickets to do all of the hard work for you when purchasing flight tickets. Find the best deals and use all of tips above to maximize your chances at the best flight deals ever! Let us know if you have any other tips to buying airline tickets!


We’d love to hear from you! Comment below!




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14 thoughts on “5 ways to book cheap flights – Airline Analyst

  1. This is good information for travelers. However, I think that most people know the majority of the information provided. Certainly, people to fly a couple of times a year, and are reasonably intelligent know these answers.

    Perhaps the author could rephrase some to the information to account for people who have learned various pieces of information that is offered here.

    Having all the similar flights and their prices on one page to easily compare is a nice feature, I’m sure that most of us will appreciate that alone.

    1. Thank you for your feedback Mike. You’re right a lot of people are aware of this information, especially if they’ve travel quite a bit. However, there are also people who aren’t aware of this information. This site is for the experienced and inexperienced traveler. We try our best to accommodate all types of travelers. Thank you so much for your feedback and we will try our best to continue to provide information that is useful for not only the inexperienced traveler but for seasoned travelers like yourself. Thank you for reading Mike!

      Happy Flying!

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for the tip. I don’t think I have searched that site for cheap flights. I think I randomly search for cheap flights so I am not sure if I ever searched on tues, wed, or thurs. I will definitely compare the prices if I decide to fly out during those days.

    I do know that if you fly on weekends and holidays, the prices do get pricey.


    1. Hi Sofia, Thanks for your feedback. Yes, please try to search on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, these are generally the days that are a lot cheaper. The holidays are certainly more expensive, especially for last minute travel arrangements. Let us know how your search turns out! We are eager to hear. Thanks again and happy flying!

  3. These are great tips you’ve provided for securing cheap airline tickets. I especially appreciated the information you provide regarding the days that airlines launch their sales. I was one of those searchers who thought I needed to check everyday, and as a result of your post I know a general time frame for price listing. I’m definitely going to use your tips the next time I’m preparing to travel.

    1. Thank you TIffany for your feedback. I think we all get anxious when trying to find the perfect flight for our budget. Remember, the airline’s website picks up on this! A good thing to do is configure your browser to private and you will stop seeing same prices or even higher all the time.Thank you again for your feedback.

      Happy Flying!

  4. This is some good advice in terms of finding cheap flights. When I was at work, we used to have to find flights within a week. Fortunately, I didn’t have to pay for them, but I’m sure the bosses weren’t happy when they got the bills. Obviously, Thanksgiving and Christmas are tough times to get a cheap flight, but there are times to check like you said.

    1. Thanks for your response Kevin! We appreciate your feedback. It’s always tricky to book within the week of. Yes, you are very lucky not to have to pay. It’s truly unpredictable when you don’t have sufficient time! Don’t hesitate to use Airflights when booking, we may just save your company and bosses the extra money! Thanks again Kevin!

      Happy Flying.

  5. I spend hours and days when searching for cheap long haul flights. It is not easy or often that I come across a deal, but will now use these tips in future.

    I wonder if there is any truth in the myth of flight class upgrade? I usually fly premium economy but have never been offered a flight upgrade.

    1. Thank you for reading! We are thrilled that you will use our tips. Let us know how everything turns out. Also, a flight upgrade can be as simple as asking. Being polite wouldn’t hurt either while asking, that’s how I got one flying to Johannesburg from Madrid. Thanks again and keep us updated in your flight searching.

      Happy flying!

  6. Hi

    Great Post

    As a keen traveller this article has got me interested.
    It is hard to know when airline companies will put there flights a little cheaper. The cheaper flights are ideal because why pay more for something that is going to be the same.

    Do you know any places or websites that offer last minute deals for good prices? I always have trouble finding these.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.


    1. Thank you Chris for your feedback. Browse Tuesdays and Wednesdays to get the best deals from airlines. Always compare your flight tickets here before purchasing to get great discount prices.

      Happy Flying!

  7. Since I retired I want to travel more and getting cheap airline tickets is a must. I love the information you have here about booking on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays for the best deals. It also makes sense that the earliest flight times would be the cheapest because who wants to get up at that hour. Planning 3-12 weeks is good to know too.And of course the season makes sense too because Christmas time the flight costs are astronomical. Thanks for the information!

    1. Thanks Rob for the feedback. If you the type that don’t mind traveling at any given time you probably would be flying on a very low budget.

      Happy Flying!

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