Best and Worst Airlines for Cheap Flights Booking

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Traveling is the only thing that you buy that makes you richer, many can attest to this adage. With the amount of travel deals available on many budget travel ticket sites, travel visions can be a reality. There is an abundance of cheap flights available within the US. If you’re like most people and unsure of where to start, then look no further, we have the solution here.


A study conducted in Aug 2016 revealed the prices of 12 carriers. The routes included flight cost for 10 of the most sought out routes in the US. What the study found was competitive pricing that one-way tickets each way between some of the most popular tourist destinations in the US such as Seattle-Miami, Atlanta and Chicago, San Francisco and Houston. For anyone planning to visit any of the cities listed above, don’t spend more money than you have to!

Five least expensive airline tickets

First let’s check out the five most affordable airlines. If you’re on the lookout for cheap airline tickets, give these airlines a look. The details below are listed for each airline and respective route. Take a look and decide which one is the perfect match for you and your wallet.


Spirit Airlines

Average Ticket Price: $32.10

Remember we said budget tickets! Spirit is not actually the airline that you’ll be able to pop bottles! It is a great airline with insanely low ticket cost. Why low ticket cost you may ask? It is simply because Spirit has the least numberBest and Worst Airlines for Cheap Flights Booking, air flight cheap tickets, airline ticketing agents, easyway tickets, cheap online airline tickets of options out of all of the airlines. The Chicago to Atlanta route was the only route we were able to find and the price was less than half of the competitor. Therefore, Spirit airlines wins the top price for airline tickets. Maybe you can pop champagne because you didn’t spend all of the money on the airline ticket! .



Allegiant Airlines

Average Ticket Price: $61

Best and Worst Airlines for Cheap Flights Booking, air flight cheap tickets, allegiant airlines, book tickets allegiant airlinesAllegiant Airlines is another airline with limited options. We scoured the net and were able to find the flight from Las Vegas to Austin. The flight was $65, whereas going to Las Vegas from Austin surprisingly was $14 less, rounding off at $50. Total cost being $115.



Frontier Airlines

Average Ticket Price: $130.75

cheap flight booking, Best and worst airlines for cheap flights booking, air flight cheap tickets, frontier airlines cheap flights, air flight cheap tickets, frontier airlines new jersey, frontier airlines flight statusFrontier is where we began to see a bit more variety when it comes to routes offered. Every route was available except for Los Angeles to New York and this is why the ticket price is a bit higher because of the variety offered with this airline. Frontier, although still affordable, San Francisco and Houston showed tickets for $69 each way (Houston to San Franscisco, San Frncisco to Houston). This ticket beat all others by at least $100.





Southwest Airlines

Average Ticket Price: $145

Best and worst airlines for cheap flights booking, air flight cheap tickets, southwest airline flight reservations, air flight cheap tickets, insane low cost flight tickets, cheap flights low cost flight tickets flybe uk, southwest cheap tickets across the USSouthwest was actually almost three times as expensive as Allegiant Airlines on the Austin to Las Vegas Route. The total cost was $150 from Austin to Vegas. Austin to Las Vegas route was the only route that Southwest had available in the study. Vegas to Austin was a tad bit cheaper coming in at $135.





American Airlines

Average Ticket Price: $146.90

American airlines conclude the list of the top 5 cheapest airlines. American airlines, to no surprise had every single flight available within the study. Best and worst airlines for cheap flights booking, air flight cheap tickets, american airlines, air flight cheap tickets, cheap american airlines flights, discount flight deals across the US, american airlines flight reservationsActually, American was one of two airlines that had all flights listed. Interestingly enough, the cheapest fare found was a route two of the United States most popular tourist destinations: New York and Los Angeles. If you’re wondering the other airline who had all other flights it was Delta, who actually came in a close sixth place with the average ticket being $161.50 and the least expensive ticket was a one-way ticket from Los Angeles to New York, which was $136.10,




Five Most Expensive Airlines

Here you’ll see the five most expensive Airlines. We are sure you won’t be rushing here to your budget flight, however, with that being said, there are still some advantages and decent deals!


Sun Country Airlines

Average Ticket Price: $273.90

Best and worst airlines for cheap flights booking, air flight cheap tickets, sun country airlines ticket, air flight cheap tickets, sun country airline reservation, sun country airlines flights, final price flight tickets, US cheap tickets, Europe cheap flightsSun County Airline boast the most expensive price for the Los Angeles to New York route for either way. This in fact, was the only route that Sun Country airlines had available from the study. From Los Angeles to New York and back cost a whopping $500 compared to the exact same flight with American Airlines which cost $286 roundtrip.





Alaska Airlines

Average Ticket Price: $232.88

Best and worst airlines for cheap flights booking, air flight cheap tickets, Alaska airlines boarding pass, air flight cheap tickets,best deal flights, last moment flights, lowest flight price, best time to buy flight ticketsAlaska Airlines offered an impressive every route except between Atlanta and Chicago Although Alaska offers several available flights however the prices weren’t as budget friendly. Let’s just say the pricing department didn’t make us as happy as the abundance of routes! Alaska clocked in at the absolute highest price from Austin to Las Vegas-$384, one way. We think we are going to stick with Allegiant for $53. Clocking in at the highest price was the route from Austin to Las Vegas — $354 one way compared to Allegiant Airline’s low of $53. Going from Vegas to Austin ran another $207, making the $561 round-trip flight.



Virgin America

Average Ticket Price: $226.75

Best and worst airlines for cheap flights booking, air flight cheap tickets, virgin airlines, air flight cheap tickets, very very cheapest flight ticket, virgin america discount, virgin america usa, virgin holidays americaVirgin airlines came in at the second highest for the route between Austin and Las Vegas. Virgin America had only two routes available during the study Austin and Las Vegas and Los Angeles and New York. Virgin America tied with JetBlue Airlines for trips from Los Angeles to New York at an affordable $175. Don’t get too excited however, because Virgin came second in highest for trips from Austin to Vegas and back. The total cost $348 and $217 back and forth.




JetBlue Airlines

Average Ticket Price: $221

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JetBlue’s serviced only two routes in our study. The routes were between LA and New York and Austin and Las Vegas. Jetblue came out marginally better than Virgin’s price for the Vegas trip. If you were to book your travel both ways, the cost would be $554.






United Airlines

Average Ticket Price: $180.65

Best and worst airlines for cheap flights booking, air flight cheap tickets, united airlines safety rating, air flight cheap tickets, great amount of low flight tickets, united airlines airfares, best deal airfares, discount air routes travels, best buy flight ticketsThe major airline United Airline, to our surprise had no one single route between LA and New York! The Chicago to Atlanta route was one of the most expensive ticket prices that we viewed, rounding out at $119 each way. Funny enough, United had neither the highest nor the lowest price for the remaining routes in the study.






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  1. This is a great site! Everyone travels so its definitely a big market. It stinks when you cant get to where you need to be or want t be without spending an arm an a leg to get there. Your site definitely helps with that problem. You’ve given us a chance to see which flights are cheapest. Honestly in my opinion the plane itself does not have to be beautiful Just has to get me there safely! Thank you for the helpful info. I will definitely refer anyone looking to travel to your site!

    1. Thanks for your feedback Merissa. Our main goal is to provide quality information for our travelers. Why spend the unnecessary money when you don’t have to? A lot of people spend money that could be used else where within their travel budget. These tips are to ensure that you choose an airline for your budget! By the way, we completely agree with you! As long as we get from point A to point B for a good price, we are happy! Thanks for reading Merissa and thanks for the referrals! We appreciate you!

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