Places to visit in Havana, Cuba


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La Havana

Cuba is currently the hottest travel destination on both sides of the Mississippi! You can’t pass by any news stand and not see a spread on Cuba at the moment. Cuba has long been a desired travel spot for the polished and novice traveler. What’s not to love about salsa dancing, succulent mojitos and sumptuous cuisine.


Not that the provisions that have been lifted by the United States all of a sudden changed the game for the influx of tourists going to Cuba but it sure has augmented in recent past. For those not hailing from the USA, legality has never been an issue when it comes to travel, but there had definitely been problems with communication, transparency and coherence regarding relevant travel info.


This has made traveling to Cuba a bit sketch sometimes. But rest assured here is your one stop shop for relevant Cuba travel info. Hold onto your hats folks!


Upon our first tour there in 2014 information was scare on the internet and we constantly came across the same old tales that Cuba was unsafe and a hard place to manage. Ever since this image has been changing and people are arriving to Cuba by the boatload. Even with the sudden surge of media related material about Cuba it still can be a bit tricky when planning and booking your trip.


Like I said before, we got you! So hunker down and we’ll take you step by step on how to get yourself prepared and down to this beautiful island to indulge in some minty mojitos and dance Cuban salsa all night with the local crowd.. Sabrosa!


Obtaining a visa for Cuba

Frankly put, with the exception of a few fortunate countries, just about everybody needs a visa.


To be honest it’s not all that hard to get a hold of a Cuban visa and doesn’t require any pre-planning on your part. It’ll run you about $30 and you can purchase it from your departing airport before you board the plane.


You can go to your country’s embassy to attain a visa but it’s not all that essential if your only getting the 30-day visa. Each time we’ve left out of Cancun they gave us the visa at the check-in line, gave them the dinero and that was that. Easy as pie.


Places to visit in Havana, things to do in Varadero Cuba, fun things to do in Cuba
La Havana


Travelling from the US to Cuba: what’s up?

Splendid news my compatriots, now more than ever a legal trip to Cuba has been so much more facilitated. In late 2014 the big kahuna President Barry O hooked it up right quick by initiating talks with Cuba and in March 2016 his Cuba tour was the icing on the cake!


I know all you wanna do now is pack up that yellow polka dot bikini and your slickest salsa outfit and hit the island, but let me break down the specifics there are a few things you need to be aware of. It’s not wide open yet, it is still technically legal for an American to just stroll down to Cuba. Here’s the catch, you must only fall into one of the 12 categories that specify your reasons for travelling to Cuba. Seem a bit vague, rest assured because the categories are not that specific with lots of leeway.


Non-American Travelers?

No problemo! Even if you pass through the US you won’t run into any trouble. All you’ve to do is purchase the visa at your departing airport and you are good to go.


Choosing the best airport in Cuba for you.

With more and more tourists flying into Havana it’s beginning to feel the pressure of a rising number of travelers. It took about 3 hours to get through customs, due to lack of manpower and resources efficiency takes a hit.


With 8 different airports in Cuba you can find a bunch of deals starting from the eastern coast at Santo Domingo until the Westside shore of Veradero.


Getting around time tips

Airflightcheapticks is a god-send. Don’t waste time searching through every airport instead use airflightcheapticks and you can search through all Cuban airports at the same time. The findings will categorize from inexpensive city to most costly,  therefore rendering it super simple to come up on the sickest deals like this 290 pound ($426 USD) flight from London to Veradero, in my opinion the most stunning Cuban beach.  Using their flexible option you’ll find all types of deals like this!


Places to visit in Havana, interesting things Cuba, things to do in Varadero Cuba
Trinidad, Cuba


Making the Reservation

Even with all the hoopla enveloping your what seems to be a daunting task of booking a flight to Cuba it is honestly so easy. Jump on over to our platform punch-in your desired dates and the city you are flying out. A good tip is to search all Cuban airports and also search the entire month you are thinking of traveling, if you don’t have predetermined dates. Flexibility increases your chances of finding a deal on a flight.


If you are booking flights from the US to Cuba you’ll be prompted with a message reminding you that you need to be traveling for one of the 12 reasons. Simply click “confirm & continue” to accept that you understand the restrictions on Cuba travel for US citizens.


Now that we’ve gone through the step by step process of finding flights to Cuba, you should feel more comfortable searching and purchasing your ticket. So what are you waiting for? Those cuba libres aren’t going to drink themselves! Find an awesome deal here and let us know when you’ll be in Cuba. Maybe we’ll meet you down there… 


We’d love to hear from you. Comment box below!


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4 thoughts on “Places to visit in Havana, Cuba

  1. Cuba has been in my bucketlist for long and this post made it easier to have a review of what to expect. Reasonable fares as well with free guides directly from the main sources to guarantee or security and safety, thanks

    1. Thank you Adimorah for your feedback. Just as you said. Cuba has been a dream country to visit for many and I’m glad you found this post useful. Tell me all about it when you finally make your trip and don’t forget to book here with all the great offers we have. Have a lovely day.

      Happy flying!

  2. I went to Cuba last year, but got sick the second day in. I ended up seeing more of my casa bedroom than the country itself. From what I did experience, I liked Havana best.

    1. Thank you LC for the feedback. I can imagine what you felt been sick on a holiday like this, but not to worry Southwest still provide cheap tickets all year and make sure not to get sick this time. Enjoy!

      Happy Flying!

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