New Long-haul Flights From £180 With British Airways To The US


British Airways flight parked in an airport terminal with people around. AFCT
Long-haul flights with British Airways to the US for cheap.

Great news in the event that you have a long-haul trip on that bucket-list of yours as British Airways  may have quite recently made it more inclined to really happen.


In an offer to make their fares more focused, British Airways has launched some super cheap ‘essential’ air fares on some of their long haul routes. The main catch? You should pay to check in your baggage, around £80 return.


Carrying a big bag on board includes some extra charges but your ticket follows a recompense of two hand bags, despite everything you get the complimentary snack and drink on-board.


The recent basic fares will be flying from London to the following destinations: Delhi (from £210), Denver (from £191), Dubai (from £143), Hong Kong (from £228), Oakland (from £185), Philadelphia (from £234) Austin (from £246), Punta Cana (from £240) Singapore (from £230) and Boston (from £175).


“We have to guarantee that the charges we give reflect those contrasting needs so customers can choose the best alternative for them on that occasion”, British Airway’s chief commercial officer Adam Daniels stated, according to The Sun.


“Somebody going for a short trip or leisure break, who isn’t wanting to check in a bag and really doesn’t mind for us to select them a seat, will value the choice to secure a lower fare.


“Despite everything they’ll get our generous hand baggage allowance, a seat allocated to them ahead of time, complimentary nourishment and drink, in-flight amusement, covers and earphones, all at no additional cost.”


British Airways flight parked in the airport terminal. AFCT
Cheap British long haul flights


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