Mexican Caribbean, from Cancun to Tulum: Things to Do


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Pyramid Chichenitza

Cancun, a city filled with beautiful beach resorts. A place with facilities for vacationers, a bit kinda Miami. Tourism is a great deal in Cancun with well organized getaway packages for families and couples. You can get all inclusive Cancun vacation packages with airfare under $500. Great deal, right?

Isla Mujeres:

Is located north side from Cancun. One very cool thing about Isla Mujeres is that you can walk cross the water (the water only gets to your hip) to Cancun which is about 20mins. You get a lot of tourist walking down from Cancun to Islas Mujeres only just to catch the sunrise.


It was named Isla Mujeres because it was believed and still that you can spot a mermaid at the island. It rumored around and attracted pirates from all over, making them bunk at the island anytime they voyage the cost.


Great things to do, Mexican Caribbean, from Cancun to Tulum. Towards the north of Cancun close to the jungle there resides the main pyramid called Chichen-itza. Chichen-itza is known for its famous gigantic shadow snake slithering down the stairs at the first day of spring (equinox) in reflection of the sunset. About 30mins show with loads of tourist waiting to make a video of it.


The second pyramid is called Coba. Coba is to the south closer to Tulum. Coba stairs are not climable as you can see from the photo their is a rope attached to it from above to help people climb.Β 


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Pyramid Coba

Playa del Carmen:

This is more fun party type of beach as you can get mostly young people around. They have an important music festival called VPM usually celebrated on the last week of December or first week of January. A one week electronic festival.


They start up with a brunch party and at night the main artist comes on stage to perform, big artist like D.j Carl Cox. Blue parrot and carnival are the two main stages. You can also get tours like diving to go see the tiburon ballena (whale-shark). Was a great experience!


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Playa de Carmen

Puerto Adventuras:

Once you get into Puerto Adventuras beach you get the sensation of being in a beach made for couples so, for all the couples out there looking for a nice getaway beach I would recommend Puerto Adventuras, Cancun, Mexico. Two weeks round trip to have the full fun from Cancun town to Tulum.


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Cris having an awesome time at Puerto Adventuras


So, I would say Tulum for me has it all for both old and young with a hippie vibes attached to it. Tulum is divided into two parts the beautiful archaeological side and the well reformed tourist resort. The archaeological part of Tulum is all built up shack houses.


Here, I think the amount of taxis you get is uncalled for because you can literally move around the small town with a bike. The best beach to me at the Mexican Caribbean comes to be Tulum with the finest sands you can get in any beach so far.


I have to leave you guys with the lovely sunrise photos of Tulum, enjoy folks!!!


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 Mexican Caribbean, from Cancun to Tulum: Things to Do, , cheap deals to tulum mexico, fly today for less to tulum, air flight cheap tickets,
Sunrise at Tulum


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42 thoughts on “Mexican Caribbean, from Cancun to Tulum: Things to Do

    1. Thank you Lydia for your response. Yeah was really fun for us when we climbed the Chichen-itza pyramid, all great experiences and we’ll be going back soonest!

      Safe flying!

  1. The Yucatan Peninsula has been on the top of my bucket list for a while now, and I really hope I get to go soon! I’d probably get the hell out of Cancun as fast as I could, as it seems WAY too touristy and full of all-inclusive resorts for my liking. Tulum and Playa del Carmen as well as some of the more inland towns and cities like Valladolid and Merida sound like a dream though!

    1. Thanks Addie for your response. The peninsula was on our top list before we visited and afterwards we still gat it on our top list, hahaha! It’s a place worth having second or more experiences. If Cancun is not what you looking for then you will definitely love Isla Mujeres down to Tulum.

      Safe flying!

    1. Thanks Jean for the feedback. Put it on your wish list and you’d be surprised with the outcome. I’m sure at the end of the day no matter the amount it will all worth it.

      Happy flying!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Yucatan! I did a road trip through the Yucatan two years ago and it was one of the best trips I’ve ever done! My ultimate favorite place was Isla Mujures, I actually cried when I left the Island. I still think about that place a lot, I love Island vibes and that place was really special for me, the food, the people. We didn’t even bother going to Cancun, I’m not a fan of high tourist hot spots so we avoided it. Tulum was another favorite, we liked it so much that we visited it twice during our road trip. The beaches are amazing, sipping on Mezcal and watching the sun set..ahhh… I want to go back πŸ™

    1. Thank you Chanelle for your feedback. We loved Isla Mujeres when we was there especially the walk-able bay to go see the beautiful Sunrise. Lovely people with big smiles on their faces. I love food and with all the seafood we ate we just keep calling for more. Tulum for me like I said has it all, one of my favorite! Tell us all about it on your next visit. Thanks again.

      Safe flying!

    1. Thanks Abigail for the response. The Mexican Caribbean, there is nothing not to love here. Like the dream paradise beaches you’ve also being dreaming of to have a getaway!

      Happy flying!

    1. Thanks Iza for the feedback. The photos are beautiful but it’s just a glimpse of the full show. You’d love it. Not a packed tourist area but they do have their own trip packages.

      Safe flying!

  3. Such a beautiful place. I would like to understand better why are the Coba pyramid stairs not easy to climb? Are they steep or have they been eroded ? And how easy it is to climb using the ropes. I would definitely like to go up there and have a view if I visit here

    1. Thanks Neha for the response. Indeed beautiful, get camera bars to the top because you’ll be needing them. It could be reconstructed but I guess they prefer it the way it is to preserve the archaeological area. No worries climbing with the ropes they are quite safe.

      Happy Flying!

    1. Thanks Vicky for the feedback. Chichen-itza is a beautiful place to see in Cancun and have an awesome time.You should try visit one day and tell me about it. Thanks

      Happy flying!

    1. Thanks Shannon Harris for the feedback. It wouldn’t be bad to revisit after a while and spot some slight differences to catch up with the fun!

      Safe Flying!

    1. Thanks Brian for the feedback. You can have a wonderful time in Tulum without visiting the beach. It’s a beautiful place to tour around.

      Happy Flying!

  4. Looks like a wonderful set of things to do. I have never been to this part. But if I ever go to Tulum, I would definitely want to capture a sunrise as beautiful as the one in your picture.

    1. Thank you Neha for the feedback. Try and visit I bet you’ll get back with tons of experience waiting to be told. The Sunrise photos are indeed beautiful, thanks!

      Happy Flying!

  5. I’ve heard a lot about these places! I also have a lot of friends who recommend going here. I hope to travel here in the next few years! Need to save up for it hehe πŸ˜€ Excited to see Playa del Carmen πŸ˜€

  6. what a beautiful place! the stairs look really tiring lol! But good thing it’s a safe one to climb. Looks like you had fun! wish i could visit one day too!

  7. I do not know that you can actually walk across the water between Isla Murejes and Cancun. I took the boat to get to Isla Murejes from Cancun and it was also an excellent experience. I agree that the beach in Tulum is one of the finest, and the sunrise photo is so pretty!

    1. Thanks Julie Cao for the feedback. Truely walk able and with lovely experience. Sunrise in Tulum is something you should spend time and capture because they are indeed beautiful.

      Happy Flying!

  8. Isla Mujeres is one of my favourite spots in Mexico. It was also the first place I stayed at when I first flew into Mexico a few years ago. Still absolutely in love with it πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to go back !

  9. I’ve been dying to cross Mexico off my bucket list! These photos have totally sold me and that Sunrise in Tulum couldn’t be any more beautiful! Thanks for the great suggestions/tips!

  10. Isn’t it incredible the connection that ancient civilizations had with the sun? We saw evidence of this in Peru with the Incas as well! Loved Chichen Itza when I visited. Great post!

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