India Travel Advisory and Activities

Christopher Halliday reveals a host of free or cut-price activities in India telling us his stories through these beautiful photos and how to travel in India alone.

Tuk Tuk Driver

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Tuk Tuk Driver                                                           Photo Credit: Christopher Halliday

I took this picture within the first few days of arriving in India. For a fixed fee, this tuk tuk driver took me around the local historical spots and then to a nice restaurant for a typical serving of Thali. At the end of the day, he agreed to have his picture taken. This composition highlights the driver without cutting out the vital details of the iconic taxi vehicle.


Family in Mumbai Slum

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Family in Mumbai Slum                                                  Photo Credit: Christopher Halliday

During a wander in the central Mumbai streets, I entered this single dead- end street, of a residential slum. At first I was slowly greeted by people in the street. Then I was taken to a courtyard and fed a three course meal. After, I was taken to visit the shrine of a young local boy to pay my respects. Over the next three days, I would return and photograph the residents.


In this, and many slums, the mothers and grandmothers sat in the street to watch over the children while the men worked. Here sits what may be three generations of family together, chatting and minding each other. A young boy shows his mother a funny video on the borrowed smartphone of a friend. A makeshift house stands behind them.  My India travel advisory and activities with these lovely family.

Senior Motorcycle Mechanic

India Travel Advisory and Activities, places to visit in Mumbai at night, chill out places in Mumbai
Senior Motorcycle Mechanic                                    Photo Credit: Christopher Halliday

The man partially visible on the left led me around the slum to photograph several people of importance to him. This Mechanic was one such man and I believed him to be his father. This mechanic was unusually stoic for a city dweller. He waited patiently still, silently holding my gaze as I photographed him while the younger men in the background looked on, somewhat more perplexed and agitated.


Women walking through Hampi Ruins

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Women walking through Hampi Ruins                       Photo Credit: Christopher Halliday

The sun was setting over the ancient ruins of the kingdom of Hampi. At the top of a hill, I looked back and saw two women out on a social errand. I quickly prepared the camera as best I could and managed to take a single shot before I lost the two figures completely in the shadows. Months later when the picture was developed, I discovered that I had managed to take a wonderful picture. It is one of my favorites.


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50 thoughts on “India Travel Advisory and Activities

  1. I loved the photo of the family in Mumbai. The joys on the Mum’s face is wonderful to see as she watches the video her son is sharing. I am saddened however that there is still such poverty in India.

    1. Thanks Ed and Jenn Coleman for your response. I’m glad you enjoyed the stories behind them photos it was an amazing experience. Thanks

      Happy Flying!

  2. Wow, I loved reading the stories behind these photos! It sounds like you really got to know the people you photographed on a deeper level. That’s great how the Mumbai families made you a meal and took you around the area – what an experience!

  3. That’s great you found an honest tuk tuk driver, well done, he looks a friendly guy too. Intereting story about the slum in Bombay, you don’t need to live in a mansion to be happy. I guess they love having their photo taken too!

  4. The portraits of these people show a different side to India. I’m so glad you didn’t go down the poverty porn way that so many people do when they go through the slums. You’ve managed to capture some wonderful images of people naturally being people

  5. Some great choices here that really highlight life in India. Your photos give an insight into the culture and people. I would love to visit and explore this area of the country.

  6. India is such a magical place with lots of historical sites to visit. But what I loved most about this post is the highlight on people. I love seeing portraits because they can tell so much story. And for India, with one of the largest population in the world, the people is definitely a huge part of the culture – both in the past and now.

  7. Gorgeous photographs of my country! Its always amusing when we travel across cultures!!! Things that I see as absolutely normal, and wouldn’t bother to take a second look, are such beautiful memories for you and vice versa!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. You captured some very poignant images of India. They brought back memories of my time there in 2013. I particularly like the image of the women walking through the Hampi Ruins. Such lovely scenery.

  9. What interesting photos. I see that you had to foster these relationships by visiting the same spot more than once and you can really tell the difference in your photos. Most travel photos are just quick snaps but yours have such soul to them. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Natalie for your response. They took me in for a host and showed me around. We shared a lot and spent so much lovely time together. Thanks.

      Happy Flying!

  10. Such great photos. Intimate photos of people in their environments are my favourite. I love that the family took you in for dinner.

  11. I absolutely love India. I love the people, the culture and the colours. Your photos are absolutely amazing. You have really captured the true essence of India.
    I remember Hampii. I really felt like I was in the Flintstones with the boulder hills. That is such a wonderful shot of the ladies walking by.
    I am really looking forward to my fifth trip to India in a few weeks.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Kathy. I can see you a really India lover going back for the fifth time in few weeks. I hope you’ve the most of this time and tell us all bout it. Have fun!

      Happy Flying!

    1. Thanks Mark for the response. You guys should take a trip to India someday and hop on that Tuk Tuk with kids kids, I’m sure they will love it!

      Happy Flying!

    1. Thanks The Adventure Ahead for the response. I’m pleased to hear that you read and like the story. When you get the chance hop on one of them tuk tuk you’d love it!

      Happy Flying!

  12. Photos from so many aspects of lives of people in India – so nicely depicted. Being an Indian, I experience all this in major walks of life and its nice to see others covering it so well. 🙂

    1. Thanks Harsh Gupta for the response. This post attracted a lot of Indian commentaries with you being the forth and I’m glad I cant express a lot with the photos.

      Happy Flying!

  13. what a beautiful Gallery, I enjoyed so much the Tuk Tuk rides. I’ve never been to India I’m seeing amazing pictures of it and reading great posts about it, I hope I get a chance to go asap. Thank you for sharing it

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