How to Travel to Europe Cheap (Discount European flights)


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After traveling to 45 countries out of the 51 independent countries in Europe, it’s safe to say the spouse and I learned a bit about travelling through Europe without breaking the bank.


Here we are without further ado my ways to travel for cheap.


With any luck you’ll find this list valuable as you organize your own European escapade. If nothing else, I hope my individual experience aids you realizing that it’s unnecessary to hit the lottery to travel the world.


Round-trip tickets:

If feasible, get a round-trip ticket to and from the same location. Round-trip tickets are usually cheaper than one-way tickets. Search sites like and and compare it to direct airline costs. Also, don’t be rigid in regards to travel dates to get the most competitive deals.


Do not dine in city squares – they are always expensive tourist traps. A couple other signs that you’re not dining with the locals: “We speak English” signs and multilingual menus.


As alluring as it may be, do not try to visit all the sites at once. It’s normal to want to see every monument and museum, bearing in mind that you next trip to Europe will most likely not be taking place in the near future. However, Europe should be experienced on numerous occasions, and at various times of your life.

Car Rental:

If hiring a car, be absolutely sure that the pickup and drop off sites are identical. If you pick up the car in one location with expectations of dropping it off at a different one, you’ll wind up paying nearly double (or more in some cases) the price of typical rental cost. The price hike is even more extreme if the two locations are in different countries.

Seasons to Travel:

Travel low-season to get bargain airfare and hotel markdowns. We reserved our tickets for May 3rd, and the fare could’ve been considerably cheaper had we planned in advance and flew out in April. A few days can make all the difference.


Park lunches are a great way to conserve cash – on top of that they’re oh-so-romantic! Ten bucks can buy a charming, gourmet meal for two.


Bring cash instead of cash machines or credit cards to avoid a multitude of withdrawal and international bank fees.

Contact Families & Friends:

Ring up your long-lost friends, family member and friend’s of friends and see whether or not they’re keen to take you around when you’re in town. More times than none, they will suggest you lodge with them – a major plus! Certainly, the practice may be baffling to most Americans, but it’s quite the norm in Europe. If it hadn’t been for distant relatives and friends of friends, we probably wouldn’t have seen Madrid, Bordeaux, Paris, Bucharest and many more! 


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Family having fun


Think about staying in hostels if you’re traveling unaccompanied or with one other person. If you’re in a larger group, a hotel may be more cost-efficient. Yes, a hostel doesn’t offer luxury, but it’s a really nice way to meet other holidaymakers in your age.


If staying at a hotel is what you will do, then book rooms at the last minute using sites like It’s not rare to notch four-star rooms for $175 and under.


Evade hotel breakfasts “included in the room price.” While opportune, these are seldom a good deal. Join the locals at the typical cafe for a delightful coffee and croissant at up to half the price!


Inquire about student discounts. Certain places are more straightforward about student discounts than others, so don’t be unwilling to ask.

Free Accommodation:

Take into account to link with locals and find free accommodation in the cities you’re traveling to.


Go on a cruise as a technique to visit several destinations at a very practical price. Several of the finest sights in Europe can be free of charge. Most principal museums give free access on certain days of the month, so do your research and arrange your trips appropriately.

Save on Transport:

Instead of trying to avoid spending a lot by booking a hotel away from the city, stay within a stone’s throw of must-see sights and save money on transportation costs, as well as precious time. Furthermore, the most effective way to discover a new city is by walking!

Travel Guide:

In regards to walking, a free walking tour is a great way to get to know the city. An English-speaking local guide will take you up and around the city’s major sights. In this case tipping is encouraged.

Terrace Dining:

In just about all European countries, dining outside on a terrace tends to be more expensive than dining inside. 


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Terrace dining


As an alternative to booking a hotel, rent a flat from a local family by booking on sites like and my particular favorite When we first arrived in London, we spent two nights in a hotel, which turned out to be more expensive than the next six nights in an apartment we found on Airbnb.

Ask for Assistance:

If you are going to use public transportation, make sure you ask for some assistance if you don’t speak the native language to avoid any problems once aboard. Some cities offer tourist passes or a 7-10 day pass that can be used as many times as needed. While others you will have to pay for each trip.

Make Research:

If you plan to go to multiple countries within the EU, think about buying a rail pass option, which offers massive savings. But know that all destinations may not be included, so do some research to see whether one-way tickets may be the best option for you.

Pay Less & Still Get Comfort:

Most of the time, first class and second class tickets differ in no more than the price. Very rarely have we seen a big difference in comfort levels.

Free Wi-Fi:

Find free Wi-Fi found in just about all city squares, most restaurants and nearly all Starbucks or McDonald’s. You may have to buy something before the waiter will give you the Wi-Fi password, but even that is cheaper than paying for roaming and international charges. Another Internet/phone option is to buy a local simcard, assuming your smartphone is unlocked. Just know that every country will require a different card, so if you’re going to 45 like we did, it’s definitely a good idea to limit your Internet reliance. 


If possible, do most of your shopping in cheaper countries like Spain or Portugal. If you lose a travel essential, try to wait until you are well clear countries like Switzerland before replacing it.


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Share longer travel fees by hitching rides with locals making the voyage to your chosen destination. Check out sites like or Evade travel agencies and tourist services, as most of them charge supplementary middle-man fees.


Travel More:

Travel to countries that are part of the European Union but don’t use the Euro, like Croatia. Not only are they some of the most intriguing places on the continent, they are substantially less expensive.

Safe Packing:

Most budget-friendly airlines have stringent limitations for carry-ons and checked baggage, so try to pack light.


Know the tipping rules, as they differ by country. Unlike in America, most waiters are paid by the hour and do not rely on tips as their main source of income. 


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20 thoughts on “How to Travel to Europe Cheap (Discount European flights)

  1. Some brilliant points there. For me the most important and the one I tell everyone about is that Europe should be explored slowly and as you said, take your time with Europe and rushing through it is just wrong. BlaBlacar sounds interesting, didn’t know about it and will check it out. As for Free WiFi, I think all travellers have been putting pressure on hotels and places like that to provide free wifi and a lot of coffee shops already do that, so yeah it’s becoming easier to stay in touch.

    1. Thank you Ticker Eats The World for your feedback. A story told in a rush is like a food without a taste so, take your time to explore and see the beauty in all. Now, tell that adventurous story filled with beautiful colors and big smiles! You’d have no regrets hopping into one of them Blablacar, can save a lot from it. Thanks again.

      Happy flying!

  2. This is the best thing I’ve read today. I am planning to backpack across Europe next year. Starting from France, I’ll visit 6-7 countries towards east. I am sure these tips will help me save a fortune. Thanks for writing this.

    1. Thank you Devish for your feedback. I’m so happy that these tips made your day. Backpacking in Europe, you’d love. Be sure to follow these tips and I guaranty you a great time apart from saving loads on cash. Have an awesome time on your backpacking in Europe and drop us your experience. Thanks.

      Safe flying!

  3. These are all great tips. We are spending a year in Europe and doing a lot of these things. We’ve also found that we can negotiate with our Airbnb or VRBO hosts for a lower price than is advertised on the site. And we are avoiding Switzerland alltogether :).

    1. Thank you Mel for your feedback. I’m glad you guys find this post according to your experience in Europe. Great info to know that you can negotiate your Airbnb for lower than you get on site. Thanks.

      Safe Flying!

    1. Thank you Jen for your feedback. Traveling off season is an alternative to save more, you can get great flight deals at low-season. If you don’t mind the fanciness of eating on a terrace at a restaurant then save more by dinning inside. Thanks.

      Safe Flying!

    1. Thanks Daisy for your feedback. AirBnB came to our lives to make things easier for us travelers. Like you said you can get a luxury suit for just the half price, isn’t what we looking for? Thanks.

      Happy flying!

  4. Travelling in Europe does tend to be expensive, especially in some countries. Often one learns along the way, or after having gone over-budget. So, these tips that you have offered can be very helpful for saving expenses.

    1. Thank you Punita Malhotra for the response. You are most definitely right especially traveling for your first time without knowing them simple tricks to save up. Be wise on cash spending when you get to countries like Norway or Switzerland they can get you heading back home early. Thanks.

      Safe flying!

    1. Thank you Neha for your response. I’m glad you can find these tips useful, use them and find out how much you can save up, super cool! Don’t forget to drop us your experience. Thanks.

      Happy flying!

  5. This is such a great guide! I definitely use a lot of these tips myself, particularly buying roundtrip tickets and avoiding eating in tourist spots. I’m going to check out Blablacar!

    1. Thank you Leah for the feedback. I always recommend round-trip for all travelers but you can get some reasonable fares by breaking them, been that said, stay on round-trip if you can. You’d like Blablacar, try it out. Thanks.

      Happy flying!

  6. While I don’t consider myself a budget traveller I am always on the lookout for a bargain. Good to know I can get my shopping done on the cheap in Spain and Portugal. Agree with booking the round trip ticket.

    1. Thanks Allison for your response. To bargain your way out is a good alternative. I recommend the above countries for shopping, you’d not regret a penny spent. Stay on round-trip I always tell my friends. Thanks again.

      Happy Flying!

  7. It’s great to know that low budget is not a hindrance to travel to Europe. I will take note of your ideas and will go to those wonderful places. Great thanks to you!

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