How to get cheap flights to London

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Welcome To London

London is a city of beautiful and stunning views, lovely nightlife, impeccable food, and interesting history. It is a place worth visiting as there’s no way you’ll go there and not enjoy your stay. London is simply wonderful. This is one of the reasons why the capital of England used to be a place only available to the rich.


But thanks to modern times and international travel, everyone can now get their own share of the beautiful sights and things that London has to offer.
There are a lot of people that would like to travel to London for vacation purposes, or probably to see a family member, a colleague, a friend, business, or sightseeing.


But the thing is, most people still feel they can’t afford the flight cost. How to get cheap flights to London can’t be that much of a big deal. Well, if you are one of such persons, then here’s some good news for you as there are now ways through which you can get cheap and affordable flights to London. Not convinced? Then take a look at the suggestions we have put together below. These are the best ways to get really cheap flights to London.


Travel Websites

This is definitely one of the best ways to get cheap flights to London. These websites search airlines and come up with different ticket prices for different airlines. Using major travel websites will help a great deal as you’ll be able to compare each and every flight ticket from every airline traveling to London.


One thing you need to keep in mind though, is that some of these websites will show separate prices for returning and departing flights, which might give you the false impression that they are cheap.


For instance, website A may post 550 dollars on their website while site B posts 1000 dollars; the first impression you’ll have is that site A is cheaper, right? But site A may only be showing you the price for the departing flight, you will still have to pay another 550 dollars for the returning flight which makes everything 1100 dollars, therefore making site B cheaper.
So ensure that you go through these websites very carefully. 


Off Season Flights

This is another awesome way to get cheap flights to London. Flights are a lot cheaper in January, and during the months of July and August, they are more expensive. As a matter of fact, some airlines offer some really amazing specials where you can get flight tickets for as low as three hundred dollars during the month of January.


But once summer sets in, it will be nearly impossible to find a flight ticket for less than 1000 dollars. So if you’re planning to take a trip to London and you’d like to spend less on flights, ensure that you go when it’s off-season.


Slower Days

Traveling on slower days will also help you save some cash on flights to London. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best days to purchase a flight ticket to London. In fact, you can save a hundred dollars or more on flight tickets for both arrival and departure if you book on one of these days.


Flying From Canada

Flying to London from Canada can save you a lot of cash. This is because non-US airlines usually offer significantly cheaper flights and with the exchange rate between the currencies of the two countries, you’ll be saving a lot more than you could possibly think of.


Student Discounts

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This is specially made for students who would like to get cheaper flights to London from the United States. There are some really good student-focused travel agencies that offer round-trip flights from New York to London over the summer for 250 dollars. Make some web researches and you’ll be able to find them.


Courier Flights

If you are traveling alone, flexible with timing, and you carry less baggage, then you can consider courier flights as they are a lot cheaper than any other flight. This comes at a price though, which is you being reasonably dressed, picking up a small package at the airport, then giving the package to an agent in London. If you are able to offer this service, you’ll be able to get a very cheap flight to London.


How To Get To The City Center From The Airport

London has five major airports, two of which are the most used; Heathrow and Gatwick. We’ll be looking at how to get to the city center from Heathrow Airport and Gatwick Airport. Without further ado, here we go.


Heathrow Airport

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Heathrow Airport, London


Heathrow Express – This is the fastest way to get to central London from the airport. You’ll go by train to Paddington. The train is always available every fifteen minutes, which makes the journey a simple fifteen minute non-stop run from the airport’s second and third terminals. If you’re going through Terminals 4 and 5, you can also use the train, but it will take a few extra minutes


London Underground – These are Piccadilly Line trains and they are the most cost-effective rail route to the city’s center. Journey time is approximately sixty minutes.


Heathrow Connect – These are stopping trains going to Paddington through local stations and they are always available every thirty minutes. Journey time is thirty one minutes from Heathrow’s Terminals 2 and 3.


National Express Coach – Coaches offer journeys of forty to eighty minutes and their prices starts from ten pounds. The good thing about coaches is that they run throughout the day.


Felthalm Rail Link – This is a 285 bus that travels between the airport and Felthalm rail station, where you can then get trains traveling to London Waterloo. Combining the travel time, we’ll be looking at a journey time of one hour and forty minutes.


Taxi – Taxis take just one hour and they are available outside the airport’s terminal. Traveling to central London usually costs 45 to 70 British pounds.


Gatwick Airport

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Gatwick Airport, London


You can get to central London from Gatwick Airport through the following means:

  • Private airport car, which is the most comfortable and most expensive form of transport you can find in Gatwick.
  • Gatwick Express – Non-stop train that takes you to the central London in thirty minutes
  • Coaches
  • Taxis  

London is indeed a beautiful place. If you going on a vacation in London and don’t know the right places to see; places where you can have a feel of the beauty and serenity of London; places where you can improve and enjoy your London experience, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Check out our list of places to see in London below.


Places To See In London

All of these places are surely going to pique your interest. London is a really nice city to visit as there are a lot of friendly people, good food, and amazing things to see and do. You’ll surely enjoy your stay in London.


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28 thoughts on “How to get cheap flights to London

  1. I often use Skyscanner which compares the prices of many third-party websites and also flying on Tuesday / Wednesday is something I try to do, as long as I can get leave accordingly. I last visited London 6 years ago, would love to plan another trip soon.

    1. Thanks Medha for the feedback. Skyscanner is also good to compare them flight tickets but make sure you compare here first to get the best deal, can never tell!

      Happy Flying!

  2. Wow..these are some really helpful tips. I would love to go to England in Winter. Like maybe end of the year. How do you think the prices are then, in December? I will compare across websites and see

    1. Thanks Neha for the response. If planning to head to London December period, this is the right time to book your flight and get a decent deal!

      Happy Flying!

  3. Very good tips, but I have found lately that Tuesday Wednesday thing doesn’t work effectively much. Looks like many people are aware of it and have started booking on those days too. 🙂

    1. Thanks Indrani for the feedback. Tuesdays, airlines releases out fresh deals of tickets then afterwards them prices keep changing depends on how you search.

      Happy Flying!

  4. This is such a useful tip for a London trip! Airfares from the Philippines to London is such a bank breaker but I could use some of these by the time my wandering feet take me to London! 🙂

  5. Wow. I loved the courier flight option! I wish we had that option in Asia. I saw the same option in Euro Trip, the movie in 2008, but did not know it was for real. I think you can also get RTW tickets for a continent and then fly using those fares, if its for a longer time.

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