How to find cheap holiday flights: Cheap Thanksgiving Destinations


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Cheap Thanksgiving Destinations

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us and if you wanted to take a trip, book yesterday. OK, that’s not entirely true for all deals for all holidays — but if you haven’t yet made plans for Thanksgiving yet, get on it. But first, let’s do our best to make all holiday travel at the very least a bit cheaper, and always begin by comparing airline prices so you can be sure which airline has the best deal. Trust me, it varies.


1. Low-priced Halloween: Fly cheaper days

This holiday is the trouble-free one because tickets are cheap in October and can be made even more inexpensive. Plus, Oct. 31 falls on a Monday this year, so coordinating a cheap itinerary is fairly easy. Merely keep in mind the cheapest days to fly are typically Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday, and the days to avoid like the plague are Friday and Sunday. Now let’s put compare expensive days vs. cheap days


Let’s begin in Detroit and fly to three cities that are impressive Halloween destinations: Salem, Mass., home of the infamous Witch Trials (land in adjacent Boston); New Orleans, with all those haunted manor and cemetery tours; and Orlando, where each theme park puts on a creepy show. Now let’s measure up itineraries for Friday, Oct. 28 to Sunday, Oct. 30 vs. Saturday, Oct. 29 to Tuesday, Nov. 1.


To Boston (Salem):

Friday-Sunday: $163

Saturday-Tuesday: $117

To New Orleans:

Friday-Sunday: $365

Saturday-Tuesday: $298

To Orlando:

Friday-Sunday: $291

Saturday-Tuesday: $153


2. Economical Thanksgiving: Fly low-priced destinations


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How to find cheap holiday flights


You can fly for less at Thanksgiving, too. The day the holiday falls on is commonly the cheapest day to fly. Steer clear of flights on the Wednesday and Sunday before and after the holiday is an alternative way to beat high prices. Here’s another gem: If you don’t have family commitments, fly to Europe; it’s inexpensive and you could possibly find a flight cheaper than a domestic flight.


Example: Two round-trip tickets found late last week for travel Nov. 23-Nov. 27, the costliest days to fly domestic during Thanksgiving.


New York to Madrid: $602

New York to Seattle, WA: $635

3. Reduced Christmas and New Year’s: Fly inexpensive routes

A non-stop flight is almost always better than a connecting flight, with one significant exception: Non-stops usually end up being more expensive. Here’s a case in favor of the aforementioned: Chicago to San Francisco, Dec. 21 to Jan. 2:


Non-stop: $587

One-stop: $483


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  1. This is a great article. I’ll be sure to follow the above advice whenever looking for flights during holiday periods. Thanks again. Cheers!

    1. Thank you Makhtar for the feedback. Truly, with the tips above you can save a lot on flight tickets during holiday seasons. I’m happy you can connect to this post. Keep dropping by for more post on cheap flights, I love to hear from you again. Have a pleasant day!

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