Hot Flight Deal: Cuba for $59 on Southwest

Hot Flight Deal: Cuba for $59 on Southwest, air flight cheap tickets, travel us Cuba air flight cheap tickets, us Cuba flights


Southwest is the first airline to publicize fares to La Havana the capital of Cuba. And we sense a fare feud upon us.


Like me, have you ever wanted to take a trip to Havana? Southwest Airlines just blessed us immensely, with cheap flights to Havana, Cuba for only $59 one-way, the first American commercial airline to do such a thing in over 50 years. Imagine: The ticket, from Miami or Orlando to Havana, is less expensive than a one-way ticket on Southwest from Jacksonville to Raleigh.


Non-stop flights to Havana, Southwest’s 100th destination, will start from Tampa and Fort Lauderdale on December 12, and flights to the destination Varadero ,which is a beach town, on November 13. The carrier says it will make public its maps for service from Florida to the non-coastal city of Santa Clara within the next few weeks.


This $59 flight deal has seen some of the greatest availability ever, and the price is legitimate for almost all trips between November 13 and April 24, 2017. (Tickets must be bought at least two weeks in advance of travel dates in order to meet the criteria for the rate.)


You will also have to declare which one of the 12 legal reasons to visit Cuba you fall under in regards to present U.S. law, involving scholastic trips, business trips, or family visits. Since Miami-Fort Lauderdale and Tampa are home to two of the biggest populations of Cuban American they’re idyllic parting hubs for the momentous flights.


Hot Flight Deal: Cuba for $59 on Southwest, cheap flights Havana, Cuba, super cheap airfare, air flight cheap tickets
La Havana Street


Since June U.S. airlines have been given authorization to travel to Cuba, however Havana has been omitted until now. Jetblue was the first airline to have a plane land in Cuba, with a trip to Santa Clara on Aug. 31. With Southwest’s revelation, insiders assume other airlines will follow suit with economical tariffs ot their own to Havana, though $59 may be impossible to top.

To reserve your flight:

You have up until November 20 for this offer – while seats remain, of course. This booking is fairly simple, however you’ll need to know and get ready to present a legal reason to travel there before making the reservation. If you happen to be in a spontaneous mood and just want to get a ticket and worry about your visa situation after then remember that these flights are non-refundable, but can be exchanged for other Southwest flights if for some reason you have to cancel your Cuba trip.


You’d only need to go over to the Southwest booking site and choose a one-way flight that best suits you. What else is included in your $59 fare? Cuban health insurance (required for all American visitors) and two checked bags.



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14 thoughts on “Hot Flight Deal: Cuba for $59 on Southwest

  1. Yes Please. A trip to Cuba makes up half of the entries on my bucket list.
    With these ticket prices though things are about to get very busy on the island.
    Is there a recommended time of year to travel to Cuba? Good weather but less touristy?
    How is Jetblue going to counter to Southwests tariffs? looking forward to a price war.

    1. Hi Keith?

      Thanks for your feedback and nice to have you back. Cuba is a beautiful country to visit with numbers of activities to keep you entertained, so, I see no doubt it makes up half of your bucket list like most of us. With the amount of folks trouping in at the moment, can’t guarantee you less tourism but I can assure you that they have a very good tropical weather with just a little bit of cold in between December and January. Tropical clothing should do for your travels if not going on the months mentioned. It’s good they battle to lower the price, still better for us, don’t you think? Wait no more Keith, book that flight and go feel beauty in Cuba. Please do drop by for more information on Cuba and cheap flights. Thanks!

      Happy Flying!

    1. Thank you Tiana for the feedback. I’m glad that you’d be able to browse through and discover great flight deals for your travels. Be sure to compare your flights here before booking. Thanks again!

      Safe Flying!

  2. Cuba is such an amazing place, I was lucky to visit last year. It’s going to change so much over the next few years but I hope it won’t lose its charm 🙂 Can’t believe how cheap the flights are, but then it is so close to the US!!

    1. Thank you Clare for the feedback. Still haven’t seen vacationers gone to Cuba to say otherwise, it is amazing! I believe it will change for the better still remaining same Cuba we know. Don’t worry Clare, Southwest gat you covered from any part of the world you departing heading for Cuba. You can find great deals here.

      Happy Flying!

    1. Thanks Sanne for the response. With the blessings of Southwest flight tickets to Cuba make dreams like yours, mine and many comes through.

      Happy Flying!

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