Saudi Arabia air ticket prices


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Flight tickets goes cheap next year in Saudi Arabia

On Thursday the inaugural flight was made by Dammam-Nesma Airlines with Flyadeal looking to begin operation in the middle of 2017, suggesting that 2017 will be a year immersed in competition among airline companies.


This year alone Saudi Arabia will have 4 Airlines in operation: Saudia, Nesma, Flynas and Flyadeal


Hail Airport has been chosen by Nesma Airlines to be its home base. This signals the start of nationwide projects for hub airports. The essence behind this move is to enable more ease of travel among people residing in the country and citizens alike. The goal is to lower necessity of international airports. Ticket sales have begun through their authorized website and travel agencies.


“Demand in all types of travel has skyrocketed this year”, reports Economic expert Dr. Salim Bajajah. Throughtout the entire year flights for both short and long term holidays have risen. Sellouts have been occurring often as well leaving many travelers to have to travel by car, bus or other means restricting them to land.


“Population growth and the increase of citizens needs, especially those whose destinations are central cities, make establishing more airlines in the country a must,” said Bajajah.


According to Farouq Al-Khateeb, an economics professor at King Abdul Aziz University, thought that by making a more competitive market and giving out new licenses for start-up airlines will improve the aviation market and broaden the horizons of the industry.


“The success of new companies will attract other companies to join the sector… allowing other companies to enter the aviation market is a must and will cause a boost in the sector—subsequently it will create more job opportunities for the youth,” added Khateeb.


He put emphasis on the fact that cultivating a spirit of competition will play the main role in ticket prices being cheaper in the future, hoping that the airlines think about underwriting in where the populace can buy shares of the company and benefit in a more direct manner.


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24 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia air ticket prices

  1. I’ve not visited Saudi Arabia, but my husband grew up there. Maybe one day we’ll travel to show the kids where daddy lived. Great airfares is always a great idea!

    1. Hi Natalie,
      Thank you for sharing your family’s story! A trip to Saudi Arabia would be a great opportunity for your children to connect with their father’s roots! We would love to hear more about the visit! Thanks for reading.

  2. How wow this is great news, I love cheap flights especially to new and exciting destinations. I can’t believe that Saudi Arabia has 4 airlines, it is a country that i have always been interested in. Thanks for this informative tip, I will keep an eye for the flights.

    1. Good day Mel,
      Thank you for your response. Finding out new information is quite exciting! The idea that Saudi Arabia has 4 airlines has surprised a lot of people. It’s a wonderful country and we hope that you get a chance to make it out! Happy Flying :).

  3. Interesting to know about this and also the thought of air-fare going cheaper is always welcomed. Haven’t explored the Middle East except for Dubai so visit Saudi Arabia should be interesting whenever that happens for me. Cheers

    1. Hi Devesh,
      We appreciate your response! We are so happy that this article has inspired you to visit this great country! Our goal is to provide quality information to readers. We hope that we can continue to provide useful tips to guide you on your traveling journey.

      Happy Flying!

  4. That’s a pretty good news for the local and international travelers wanting to explore more of the domestic areas! Of course, it has to be affordable as well as those low cost airlines in Asia and EU. 🙂

    1. Sarah,
      You certainly have a point! This information could be helpful to any traveler who is looking for an affordable price for fare to Saudi Arabia. Thank you for your response!

      Happy Flying!

  5. Sounds like a great deal… However unless laws change I don’t think I can ever visit Saudi Arabia. They don’t really issue tourist visas except for Muslims on hajj, and as an unmarried woman I’d have a hard time getting around. It’s a shame, though, I’ve heard Saudis are such friendly people. Hopefully things change sometime in the future.

    1. Allison,
      Thank you for your comment! Women are more restricted indeed, very true. Women traveling alone are not allowed to enter the country unless they are met at the airport by a husband, sponsor or male relative.Thanks for reading.

      Happy Flying!

  6. This is great news – kudos to Saudi Arabia for taking this initiative! Having more economy airlines will allow people to travel more and more. I live in Canada and there are only a few airlines none of which are economy – hopefully this will change soon.

    1. Lydia,
      Thank you very much for your response. When we found out about this information, we were just as excited as you! This is a breakthrough that will allow more fluid travel. Thank you for reading Lydia!

      Happy Flying!

    1. Thanks Kathy for the feedback. We doing our best in getting the best news on cheap flights for travelers like you. You should try someday and visit the country it has a lot to offer.

      Happy flying!

    1. Thank you Abigail for your response. It is indeed a great news for all travelers seeking for cheap airfares. Whenever you visit the country, drop us your experience, that would be nice.

      Happy flying!

  7. This is great news for Saudis! Would love to visit Saudi Arabia one day, but being a women without visiting for business reasons it will be hard, but one day I will definitely go, as it does seem like a really wonderful and cultural country!

    1. Thank you for your feedback. The country has a lot to offer from culture wise to beautiful tourist attraction all over, and the people of Saudi are really friendly. I’m sure you will plan a trip one day and you’d love it.

      Happy Flying!

  8. I’d love to go to Saudi Arabia and this airline looks perfect. It’s difficult for me to get a visa but possible with a transit of less than 72 hours. I’m checking the site now to see how cheap a layover flight is!

    1. Thanks Only By Land for the response. Saudi Arabia is a lovely country to visit. Maybe the 72 hours layover would change your mind about the visa. Thanks.

      Happy Flying!

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