Did you know you can buy other people’s flights for half price

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You can buy flights at a discount from the live price offered by the airline at the moment. Yes, you really can! How is this possible you ask? You do not buy the flights from the airline. Instead, you buy them from other travelers.


Flight tickets are transferable. Lots of airlines, mostly in Europe, allow name change for a fee. When you change the name associated with the tickets, you have transferred the flight to another person! 


Lots of people buy their flights way in advance when the prices are cheaper. But did you know you can buy other people’s flights for half price? However, plans often change and many travelers find themselves unable to use the flight they have bought. This is where SpareFare.net comes in – this is a marketplace where people buy and sell flights, airline vouchers, holidays and hotel rooms


There are no set prices on the site. Instead, when a buyer is interested in a flight, he or she will offer a price to the seller. The seller is then free to accept or reject the offer, or to propose an alternative price for the flight. Sellers know they have to offer you a significant discount from the live price of the flight to sell it, so you can get really good bargains on flights to and from Spain! 


A few helpful hints and tips when buying a flight on SpareFare

  • You have more bargaining power to negotiate a low price if the date of the flight is sooner. 


  • If a seller has rejected your offer, and you really do not want to pay more for the flight, do not hesitate to make the same offer in a few days. Perhaps the seller will have changed his mind by then.


  • If you cannot find flights for the dates you need, bear in mind that many airlines also allow date changes for flight for a fee. SpareFare.net has a useful page with lots of information about the change fees of airlines. 


  • If you cannot find flights for the destination you want, you can set up an email alert. The site will then email you when the flights you want are listed. Extra tip – always check your spam inbox for any flight alerts which might have landed there!  


  • If you have already purchased your flight, you can check out the hotels page for any bargains on cheap hotels.


Buying flight from SpareFare is like having someone else pay for part of your flight! And it is safe to use. The site protects buyers from fraudulent sellers by keeping the buyers’ money. The seller gets paid only after the flights takes off. If you are wondering about the details of the buying process, you can watch this short video




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