Deals From Air India Offering Select International Flight Tickets

Air India aircraft parked in front of an airport terminal. AFCT
Air India daily flight from India to Australia

The travel time frame, Air India stated, is already on effect till June 30; from August 1 to September 30; and from November 12 till December 7, 2018.


Air companies and the railroads are endeavoring to capitalize on the continuous school holiday season. Air India is putting forth flight tickets to Australia from Rs. 51,000. Air India’s deal is valid till May 31, 208, it said on its site The travel time frame, Air India stated, is with immediate effect till June 30; from August 1 to September 30; and from November 12 till December 7, 2018. Air India Dreamliners will be deployed for transporting the passengers on the direct every day flight India to Australia.


Five spots to discover in Australia on the off chance that you travel with Air India India-Australia flight routes.

  • Sydney Harbor, New South Wales – Check out the Sydney Opera House as is considered as one of the most standout amongst the most energizing and imaginative structures of the cutting edge time. It’s one of the world’s most head areas for the performing arts.


  • Seaside road trips crosswise over Australia – Australia has a portion of the world’s most beautiful streets which would be perfect for any motor-lover’s fantasy get-away. Take for instance, the Incomparable Ocean Road which is regarded as one of the most scenic road-trip destinations on the planet or the Pacific Route from Sydney to Gold Coast that goes through rain forest, seaside towns, rock pools and shorelines.


  • Kangaroo Island – Found only 112 kilometers south-west of Adelaide, Kangaroo Island is known for its natural wildlife like Koalas, sea lions, numerous bird species and flawless shorelines. When you come to west of Kangaroo Island you find Flinders Chase National Park which is known for penguin colonies and striking coastal rock formations.


  • Great Barrier Reef, Queensland – Seen as one of the miracles of the natural world, the Great Barrier Reef is a rich woven artwork of coral reefs, islands and cays. The 2,300km-long biological community contains a large number of reefs and many islands made of more than 600 kinds of hard and delicate coral. It’s a paradise to endless types of vivid fish, molluscs and starfish, in addition to turtles, dolphins and sharks.


  • Uluru, Northern Domain – Uluru, a World Legacy site, is one of Australia’s most famous images of the outback environment. Uluru rises 348 meters over the encompassing countryside, has a region of 3.33 sq. km and a circuit of 9.4 km. It encounters an average of 200-250 mm of rainfall per annum and an normal desert temperature range which can tumble to – 8°C during the evening in winter and ascend to 47°C during the day in summer.


Air India, the national bearer, is currently disinvestment. On Tuesday, Civil Aviation Secretary Rajiv Nayan Choubey said that the government had procured resource and enterprise valuers, who have assessed a base total assets of Air India under the present divestment standards.


In the interim, AirAsia is putting forth local and international flight tickets from Rs. 999. Destinations secured under AirAsia’s ‘Enormous deal’ offer are: Bengaluru, Kolkata, Ranchi, New Zealand and Kuala Lumpur, among others.


Air India aircraft parked in front of an airport terminal. AFCT
Cheap flight from India – Australia with Air India


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