Creativity In Bern City, Switzerland

Aare River View from the bridge, Bern. AFCT
Aare River View from the bridge, Bern

Summertime Bern City Brief:

Bern is the capital of Switzerland and it holds the power of the country with the Bundeshaus or Federal house also called Federal Palace of Switzerland.


Summer could be really fun in Bern if you just know the right places to go at the right time. Folks tend to get busy during the week days working or engaged in other activities but when it reaches the weekend it’s a whole different vibes on it’s own, people gather at parks, bars, restaurants, organize some eat out and more.


Bern, a lovely and beautiful city. Not too big of a city so, you can do a major part of the city center by walking. Bern was built around the curves in the Aare River. The summer has already started and folks usually group around the river side “Aare”  to spend some cozy moments. In case you visit the river, come with a swimming ring and take a swim at the flowing river.


Marzili has a big park called (Eicholz) where people make delious BBQ, come with something to drink to add up to the fun. It has two big swimming pools for adults and a little one for kids or toddlers with loads of fun things to do.


Without taking much of your time I listed a few things you can do when visiting Bern for the first time.


Visit The BundesPlatz (Federal house)

Inside BundesHaus in Bern with people sitting and walking around. AFCT
Bundes Haus from inside

Bundeshausplatz also known as The Federal Palace is where everything about making, implementing and amending laws in the country gets down. The Swiss Federal Assembly consist of both legislature and the Federal Council executive. It is located at the Old City of Bern considered as the medieval city.

Visit Altstadt (Old City, Bern)

Streets of Bern with tram and bus with flags of the country and city. AFCT
Old City Bern Center

It is the medieval city of Bern, Switzerland and offers you with great medieval buildings and sculptures. Old City is where you find the tallest cathedral in Switzerland and churches as high as 100 meters with numbers of Renaissance fountains.  You are allowed to refurnish inside of the building but the windows are left untouched to preserve the old fashion look from outside.


Check Out Helvetiaplatz, Bern

Helvetiaplatz, Bern with a man and a toddler
Helvetiaplatz, Bern

The Helvetiaplatz is located at the south end of Kirchenfeldbrücke (Kirchenfeld Bridge). The tallest footbridge in Switzerland is located here in Bern named Auguetbrücke very close to Helvetiaplatz constructed in 1836. During the 18th century between Bern and Thun a neighboring city, ferries had to cross the Aare river with cargo, then local farmer felt the need to build a bridge to help ease trade. Amidst the twentieth century, the Helvetiaplatz was expected as a gateway to major roads into the city.


Visit The Münster, Bern (Bern Minster)

Münster, Bern with folks gathering around. AFCT
Münster, Bern

The Münster of Bern is an old cathedral that has been reformed by the Swiss government located in the old city. The stained glasses of the Münster is regarded as the most valuable in the country. A lot of them windows has both heraldic symbols and religious images decorated all side. The Münster symbolizes the growing power of the city and was built by the people.


kulturzentrum Reitschule Bern (Cultural Center Reitschule)

kulturzentrum Reitschule Bern. Nice sunny weather in front of Reitschule. AFCT
kulturzentrum Reitschule Bern.

The “Reitschule Bern” also known as Reitalle is a self-sufficient (autonomous) cultural, social and meeting center. They hold a lot of shows and concerts, theater arts and movies are usually staged, exhibitions, presentation of cultural affairs are displayed. In any case, it’s not all: left-wing political lectures are being published, programs on racism, sexism, misuse, and fascism and for overall freedom matters are sorted out. Women’s activist events are held too. At night you can hang out at the cafes and bars around as they play good music all the time.

Pass Through Cigarren Flury

Picture of a tobacco shop with a lady attending. AFCT
Cigarren Flury, Bern

Just to be prepared, Switzerland is a pretty expensive country so guys, get your budget right. Getting a six pack of beer, a frozen pizza and probably a bottle of water might be costing you about CHF 27.50 which is almost equivalent to the US dollar. Flury Cigarren is a tobacco shop just very close to the Bern Bahnhof (The main train station) located at the address: Bahnhofpl. 3, 3011 Bern is the biggest in the city. Cigarette prices are the same in the country but when it comes to smoking items like filters, all kind of rolling papers, souvenir lighters, the finest Cuban cigars, I mean, you can actually get them for a reasonable price, cheaper than any tobacco shop I’ve been to in Bern. 


Visit The BSC Young Boys Stadium

Young Boys fans celebrating their win after 32 years. AFCT
Young Boys Stadium After The Big Win

BSC Young Boys of Bern or simply YB is a football club in the city. YB are big time rivals of FC Basel but this season YB has proven to be loyal to their fans by bringing back home after 32 long waited years of the most hunted cup of the Swiss Super League. They threw a party right at the middle of the stadium after the game ended, mounting a stage for Dj and local artists to perform. The city was lit that Sunday night due to the winning and also the next day was off day for everybody, more rooms for extra!



Münster, Bern with folks gathering around. AFCT
Münster, Bern


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