Cheap Thanksgiving flights 2017


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Thanksgiving Flights 2017

Hello everybody, the holiday periods has arrived again and for those that are making some travel plans to visit family and friends for Thanksgiving, according to experts this is the right time to book that flight and get up to 30 percent if booking this weekend.


2017 seems to be a record year for holiday travel and that means there will be high demands for airlines seats says Skyler Mckinley with AAA.


Mckinley says, “The new rule for buying for these peak travel periods is 60 to 70 days which means right about now is the best time to book the best deal for your Thanksgiving.”


Cheap Thanksgiving flights 2017 is still possible at a rush period where everybody is looking for the same thing. A normal way to save extra money is looking for a smaller airport close to your destination for cheaper deals says McKinley.


For all major airline and airport there are smaller ones nearby that have different options of flights to select from. At times it comes out not being the exact flight you looking for but shop around for airports and certainly shop around for airlines.


Another thing to consider is traveling on Monday and Thursdays of Thanksgiving week will save you money compared to flying Wednesday.


The most efficient way to save money is to fly in on Thanksgiving and fly out on Thanksgiving. You will be saving 30 percent, but no one wants to do that, right? Mckinley says. So, generally speaking, the rule of thumb is definitely to avoid the Sunday after Thanksgiving. That’s the busiest travel day of the entire period and at the same time going to be the most expensive.


Just in case you are not ready to purchase the tickets yet for one reason or the other, experts say you have until Halloween to get it together.


During the period of the week of Halloween, or after that prices really begin to spike up dramatically, but, again, day after prices are going to be going up, says Mckinley.


Waiting much is not advisable because if you wait until early November to book your flight, it will cost you about a dollar per each day you wait.


Mckinley finally quotes, “people we know are going to be traveling this holiday period, so in order to make sure you book that ticket at the price you really want you need to book now because there’s just not going to be a last minute , or Oh we’ve got an extra seat, because everybody’s traveling.”


air flight cheap tickets, 2017 thanksgiving cheapest flights


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18 thoughts on “Cheap Thanksgiving flights 2017

  1. Even though we are not in the United States during Thanks Giving its always good to know how to save money on trips, for sure. I totally agree, planning a trip like this smartly can really save a lot of money and the earlier the better. So that’s truly a good reminder and probably a good case for the Xmas travels later as well.

    1. Thank you Hendrik for the feedback. This will certainly help you out anytime you find yourself in the states during Thanksgiving either coming from outside the USA or traveling within.

      Happy Flying!

  2. These are some good tips! We always try to travel when other people are not to avoid crowds and higher prices. That’s why we take our summer vacation in early June. I would agree that avoiding Sunday would be the best way to go.

  3. Wow nice looks like I need to make my plans. I never thought about flying on Thanksgiving but if it saves me so much amount then I should definitely give it a thought. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for the tip about booking 60 to 70 days out for the best deal. We’re not traveling for Thanksgiving, but we are starting to plan our Winter travel. Airfare is crazy expensive now!

    1. Thanks Marcie for the response. Airfare could be expensive if you don’t know how to go about it. 60 days earlier you could always get a good deal. Search incognito, search nearby airports you will surely see some difference.

      Happy Flying!

  5. Some awesome travel tips here! It’s important to know how you can save money during this busy time – I wonder if the same rules apply for other holidays throughout the year.

    1. Thanks Rosie for the feedback. If you stick to the rules you’ll always find some pretty cheap flight deals out there! Yes, same rules goes for all holiday periods. Book earlier or look for a nearby airport to arrive.

      Happy Flying!

  6. Woah! This is a jackpot post. Great tips. I agree with you that travelling on Mondays and Thursdays is always light on the pocket. Thanks for sharing this amazing post.

    1. Thanks PS Page for the feedback. I’m glad you could relate with this. Keep checking back for more ways to book cheap flights throughout the year. Thanks!

      Happy Flying!

  7. Not everyone checks on the right time to book flights. Articles like these are so good and helps people to get the best deal! Good notes on travelling Monday or Thursdays!

    1. Thanks Mimi for the response. You are right, not everybody checks at the right time that’s why we here to help you choose the right deal at the right time. Thanks!

      Happy Flying!

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