Cheap flights to Mumbai and things to do

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Mumbai, City of Dreams

Known as the city of dreams, Mumbai is the financial center of India, a city that catches attention of many tourists due to its great culture and above all it’s the city famous for Bollywood film industry. If you are planning to visit this amazing city, then make sure to read all the guidelines below related to cheap flights, places to visit in Mumbai and things one can do to enjoy their visit there.

Limited budget but want to enjoy beautiful city of Mumbai at its best? Worry not because here is the list of some cheap flights to Mumbai which are budget friendly: offers cheap flights to Mumbai from;

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  • $634 by Gulf Airlines
  • $688 by Kuwait Airways
  • $714 by Air Canada
  • $723 by United Airlines

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Now once you land in the heart of India, you can get a taxi to reach the center of the city. Average fare of a taxi from airport to the city center is about Rs.500-700 ($11). Private taxis and cabs are also available and they entertain you on advance notice of about 30 minutes. They are completely air conditioned and charge about Rs.15 for initial kilometer followed by Rs.13 for the rest. You can contact these cabs using mobile apps and by calling them and they will be at your service in 10 minutes or less time. Some of the private cab services include:

Another common mode of transportation is an auto rickshaw which is available on almost every corner of the street and is cheap as compared to taxi. But its drawback is that you can’t carry much luggage with you in a rickshaw and it has a capacity of maximum 3 people.

Bus is another common means of transport and Mumbai have a large network of buses, comfortable and cheap. The Brihan Mumbai Electric supply and transport (BEST) is well known bus service that is reasonable and can take you to almost every part of the Mumbai.

Their operating time starts from from 5:00 am and end at midnight. Air conditioned buses have also been introduced lately on selected routes.


Mumbai Sightseeing

Considering Mumbai as representation of India, it’s a city full of energy and life. The heart of the city carry within it some of the grandest colonial-era architecture. Unique bazaars, hidden temples, hipster enclaves and India’s famous restaurants and nightlife are all there to be explored by the tourists.

Global Vipassana Pagoda

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Global Vipassana Pagoda

Global Vipassana Pagoda is a beautiful Buddhist monument designed after Myanmar’s Shwedagon Pagoda. It is open daily from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Take out time to visit this amazing piece of art and capture some beautiful moments there. It is located at the North of the city.


The Gateway of India

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Gateway of India

The Gateway of India is a symbolic landmark of not only Mumbai but also the whole India. Amazing view of Arabian sea can be seen from this gateway. Located on the southern part of the city, this memorial is a symbol of India’s political history. Gateway of India is the ideal place to get involved with the spirited life of Mumbai and is a famous among history lovers, tourists and photographers. Its architechture is considered as a master piece and it is also known as “Taj Mahal of Mumbai”.



air flight cheap tickets, fun things to do in Mumbai

Another one of the notable landmark of Mumbai is the Siddhivinayak. A Hindu temple in the name of Lord Ganesha. It’s a six-story structure with gold-plated domes, a remarkable Mandir-style front and a statue of Ganesha. If you visit Mumbai, add this to your list.


Chowpatty beach

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Chowpatty beach

Chowpatty beach is another amazing spot for tourists. One can relax on this beach all day. Observing sunset on this beach is a must thing to do while enjoying food from the stalls in the same area.


The Marine Drive

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The Marine Drive

The Marine Drive is a six-lane road facing the Back-Bay coast. Also, named as “Queen’s Necklace” due to its C-shape. If you wish to catch breath taking view of sunset, then this is the spot! Although it is beautiful at any time of the day, but visit during evening is something worth experiencing as the lights illuminate its three-kilometre arc.


Good news for Shopaholics

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Colaba Causeway market

Colaba Causeway is a must visit marketplace for shopping sprees. This market is full of endless stalls. Clothes, accessories, gift item and many other things are available at affordable prices. Another market, Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Mandai, or Crawford Market, is located at a populated Muslim community area.

Apart from fruits and vegetables, clothes, gifts, this market is filled by talented artisans on the streets who are skilled in beautiful, henna handprints. Fabulous High Street Pheonix Mall is an amazing shopping centre, the 3.3 million square feet contains an abundance of both local and international shops and brands.


Treat for Foodies

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Skewered kebabs

Talking about street food, Mumbai has tons of it. Pav bhaji at Sardar’s is a well- known food spot. a five-minute walk from Mumbai Central station and you are there to enjoy mouth-watering pav bhajis. This dish consists of thick vegetable masala topped by a slab of butter served with fluffy rolls.

Mohammad Ali road is well known for skewered kebabs but kebabs at Sarvi are the best and well known as it is 90 years old and serve the most tasty kebabs in the city.

Vada pav, pani puri, chicken tikka rolls, bhel puri, channa bhatura and much much more awaits you in Mumbai.


For fancy dining, one of the finest restaurant in the trendy south Mumbai, Indigo offers an amazing and tasteful dining experience. You can come across the politicians and celebrities in the Art-Deco themed dining room and enjoy one of the restaurant’s finest malts from its exclusive menu.

Ziya, an Oberoi Hotel’s signature restaurant, offers traditional Indian Cuisine prepared by the two Michelin Star chef, Vineet Bhatti. Enjoy award-winning chef’s dream menu while enjoying in the tastefully furnished dining room


Few things to take note of in India

  1. About the language, although there are 20 other languages spoken in India including English besides Hindi, since to enjoy your visit to India, learn few words of Hindi for ice breaking like “Namaskar” (hello), “shukriya” (thank you), “aap kaise hai” (how are you), “kitna hai” (how much) and “naam kya hai” (what’s your name). These should be good enough to communicate with the locals
  2. Indian rupee is the Indian currency and credit cards are widely accepted. Make sure you remember your pin codes well.
  3. About the temperature, it is 92˚F during the summer months and approximately 68˚F during the winter season.
  4. Don’t drink tap water as it will not suit you well and you may get stomach issues. Make sure to drink bottled water.
  5. Try to stay alert at all time so you can enjoy your vacation time to the fullest. 


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  1. I have lived in Mumbai for 3 years and I have to say this- I have never heard of Global Vipassana Pagoda! Where is this? I wish I knew about it when I was there, would’ve loved to visit. I’ve pretty much been everywhere else on your list 🙂 it’s a good compilation for Mumbai.

    1. Thanks Medha for the feedback. Now you discovered a new place in a city you’ve been living for 3 years. It is located at the north of the city. When next you in Mumbai try checking it out, you’d love it.

      Happy Flying!

    1. Thanks Nolusindiso for the response. If you make it to Mumbai try visiting any of the above if not all to have a complete vibe of it all.

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    1. Thanks Juliette for the feedback. Traveling to anywhere, the first thing you’ve to consider is how to travel. That’s why I detailed some info on how to obtain cheap flights to Mumbai.

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  2. I heard that people of Mumbai is so affectionate. A lot of people travel to Mumbai to experience India that is all so modern yet very gracious and spirited.

    1. Thanks Alice for the response. You’r right, the people of Mumbai and India generally are affectionate, accommodating and loving people. You’ve all to gain in visiting Mumbai!

      Happy Flying!

  3. You got me on the foodie bit! I would so love to experience a proper Bollywood dancing and singing in the streets kinda India (I know people don’t just bust a move randomly…but it’d be awesome if they felt like it when I do visit. heheh)

    1. Thanks for the feedback ZeeGoes. Catch yourself in Mohammed Ali road in Mumbai and you would be craving for them skewer kebabs, best you can test!

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    1. Thanks Wallis for the response. Same advice I can give to a solo female traveler traveling to anywhere “Keep your Head Up” Mumbai is a safe city to solo travelers!

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