Before you travel checklist, 26 tested tips

Let’s go everyone, it’s about that time you wipe the dust off those vacation days piling up by taking advantage of the what the world has to offer and travel somewhere alluring, eat something potentially dangerous and drink something that’ll help you forgot about that overstuffed corporate inbox and most of all, relax.


Unfortunately planning a trip can be at times a stressful, annoying time-consuming event that dampens the excitement of the vacation itself—or at the very least, deters you from those painstaking hours of flight searches and hotel inquiries that result in the dream vacation.


To help ease those pains, we’ve compiled 26 things to do before traveling abroad to an amazing vacation and back home again with minimal stress. Astonish your colleagues with your know how on trip planning and packing technique to make sure you show out once you touch down in your desired vacation destination.



Before you travel checklist, 26 tested tips, learn how to travel cheap, travel planning Europe
Before you travel checklist, 26 tested tips


1. Incognito:

Browse “Incognito Window” when hunting for flights and hotels. Because the way the internet is setup some companies will raise prices simply because you’ve already searched there recently for prices.


2. Time To Buy:

Studies suggest that the best time to buy plane tickets is Tuesday after 3pm. At that time is when you will find the cheapest tickets.


3. Travel At Shoulder Season:

Travel much cheaper during low or shoulder season. Months like October-November excluding Halloween and Thanksgiving and months like February, March and April will all feature lower prices. Yea, the weather isn’t always the best at that time of year, but you´ll have the chance to not only see some of the best destinations in the world but you will with half the people.

4. Search For Discounted Flights:

When you search for flights and-or hotels, using google combine words such as “promo,” “discount,” “coupon,” or “corporate code” with the destination’s name. Time after time I’ve found unknown deals!

5. Search International Sites:

International sites like or offer hotel and travel deals that are more frequently cheaper than American sites. Browse by sites like those before you close any deals.

6. Check On Reviews:

Taking a look at reviews is a sure fire way of knowing what you’re getting yourself into. They are the silver lining when you’re strapped for cash.


7. Preparation:

Be sure to know your airlines baggage check policy. Usually, airlines let you get away with checking in one bag for free but double-checking never hurt anyone and you won’t be upset about being burned for $50 or so before that golden sun hits ya.

8. Fresh Smells:

Putting like a bag of lavender or aromatic tea bag, such as, wild berries or mint will keep your clothes and luggage smelling fresh.

9. Travel Items:

Keeping electronic gear and coherent charging devices without entanglement is always a plus on vacation. Arrange those little buggers in individual glass cases or bags to keep them from being a pesky annoyance during travel.

10. Travel Jewelry:

The same goes for jewelry and accessories. Keep them separately stored in pill jars for example or in spice jars, ensures you cut unnecessary tie-ups when just wanting to enjoy your new environment.

11. Ziploc Bags:

Ziploc bags are the absolute one when it comes to protecting phones, cameras from perishables like shampoo and toothpaste. 

12. Use Plastic Bags:

Don’t park together dirty garments and shoes in your luggage, use plastic bags from the vegetable market or shower caps to wrap shoes one by one.


Before you travel checklist, 26 tested tips, preparing international travel, preparing travel Europe, travel packing checklist women, travel packing list men
26 tested tips on how to travel cheap.

13. Use Toothpick Container:

Use a toothpick container for bobby pins. BOOM, this is great at home as well.

14. Marked Bags:

A neat trick is to always mark your bag fragile, just because, airline workers work long hours in all types of weather conditions and the amount of bags they see is insane so, that being said, mark your bag as fragile and save your bag from imminent torment.

15. Fragile Items:

I first used clothes as a way to transport wine and olive oil from Spain to America and it worked fantastic thus rendering my roll not fold technique null but anyhow I tied my clothes around the bottles and tucked them in between other clothes. For less fragile items such as delicate garments use tissue paper.

16. Seperate Your Clothes:

Go with a few plastic bags also. For dirty laundry, bathing suits, you never know what’ll pop up, we use plastics bags so much at home lol.

17. Travel Comfort:

You can never be without the right undergarments ladies, depending on the occasion and much, men also. The right bra or panty ladies or the right brief or undershirt could make all the different in  your comfort and/or image for the evening.

18. Rolled Clothes:

My girlfriend taught me this and it helped my life on travel and in my own living quarters. ROLLED clothes instead of the customary folded. OMG space, time, no-iron necessary was my kind of deal, so please roll don’t fold, it’ll change your life if it already hasn’t.


Before you travel checklist, 26 tested tips, things to do before travel, things to do before traveling, things to do before you travel abroad,
Things to do before traveling!


19. Pack Right:

We all want to dazzle on vacation and usually our skin glows out of sheer excitement for the sudden change in scenery but let us not run our feet down while on our lovely vacation. Ladies, pack heels if it’s a must but for late night dancing and long days of shopping/tourism comfortable footwear is the key.

20. Pillowcase:

Bringing your own pillowcase saves from sharing one, need I say more.

21. Know Your Suitcase:

Choose a suitcase that stands out, one with a bright pattern or unusual color scheme to make it easier to find when picking up your luggage after a flight.

22. Liquids:

Once you’ve packed all your delicates like shampoo, make ups and the likes, place them in the middle of the suitcase to have cushion and avoid breaking while in transit.

23. Perfumes:

Place things like perfumes in plastic bags and then inside sneakers. It’s the safest place for them.


Before you travel checklist, 26 tested tips, vacation travel, travel planning UK, plan around world trip,vacation travel deals packages
Vacation travel plans!

24. Chargers & Outlet:

Forgetting something like a USB wall plug, happens to us, all rest assured many hotels TVs have a USB outlet where you can charge your phone.

25. Missing Something?:

Leave your entire charging device, from time to time people will leave chargers at hotels. Check with the front desk to see if they have a charging device that matches your phone.

26. Choose A Seat:

Turbulence is pretty much everyone’s most unappreciated thing about travel. Choose a seat near the wing to minimize this annoyance.


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22 thoughts on “Before you travel checklist, 26 tested tips

  1. These tips are really simple and informative, most especially the rolled clothes rather than folding. I usually fold my clothes when traveling but i think I can give the rolled pattern a try. Thanks for the info!

    1. Thank you Smanga for your feedback. The rolled up pattern had come in handy ever since I started it. You’d be surprise with so much space you can save from it. I’m glad you can use one or two tips from the above. Please drop by from time to time for more travel tips.

      Happy flying!

  2. I travel with edreams to Europe and I’m allowed to have two checked in bags for free then the rest you’ve to pay for, pretty ok. I was at the airport waiting for my luggage without knowing that it has rolled passed me like twice so, I’ll go with choosing a suitcase that stands out on my next trip. Thanks for this post. Will be checking back soon.

    1. Thanks Orlando for your feedback. Knowing your airline policy is a good way to start, saves you a lot. Experience is the best way to learn. It happened to me a couple of times before getting a luggage that stands out, problem solved! I get fresh tips weekly on travel info and I’d love you to keep visiting. Thanks.

      Happy flying!

  3. Thank you for this great article. Now I can rush out the house without worrying that i forgot my charger, really cool. I always do go with rolled clothes too, they are really space saver! I’ll reserve a seat close to the wing to see how it works with turbulence. Thanks!

    1. Thank you Kubin for your feedback. No worries Kubin we gat you. Generally information is always useful because not everybody knows that they can get their phones charged in hotels or hostels, all you need do is ask at the reception. Choose a seat close to the wing and you’d notice the difference. Thanks for dropping by.

      Happy flying!

  4. Those are amazing tips! I need to print it and always go back to it when I travel. I am sure I am not the only one who after closing the door thinking ” did I took everything, did I did everything I wanted to ” 🙂 Thank you for sharing !

    1. Thanks Lydia for the feedback. Everybody wants to travel without thinking of the process of packing. That’s why I made this post for us to see that packing is quite easy if we pack with style.

      Happy Flying!

  5. Some very helpful and useful travel tips! We never travel without extra plastic baggies for liquids and such. As well, it does make a huge difference rolling your clothes before packing. Great for keeping the wrinkles out as well. 🙂

    1. Thanks Robert for the feedback. Always a plus to take an extra plastic bags because you never know! Rolling are really space saver.

      Happy Flying!

  6. These are all some useful tips thanks for sharing. I have always heard about booking on a Tuesday but I’ve never given it a try, because it slips my mind. But I do book on a browser that is incognito.

    I didn’t know that sitting beside the wing minimizes the turbulence disturbance. How so?

    1. Thanks Marge for the response. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best days to buy cheap flights, give it a try you have nothing to loose rather than few extra cash to be saved. I can’t figure out why but sitting beside the wings do reduce turbulence.

      Happy Flying!

  7. Some really great tips here. I never knew you get less turbulence if you sit on a wing! Fascinating. Also I’m a huge fan of packing cubes now for saving space. I roll my clothes and then put them into a cube. It saves so much space. Plus I like things neat and ordered haha.

    1. Thank you Claire for your feedback. I’m glad you could find them useful. Experience the less turbulence by sitting close to the wings and tell me all about it.

      Happy Flying!

  8. I know the incognito mode but I didn’t know this #2. Studies suggest that the best time to buy plane tickets is Tuesday after 3pm.. Ahah! Now I know the secret !
    hahaha thanks for this!
    Also, I agree that we have to check our plugs or cables before leaving a hotel. I had an experience at a hotel in my city where me and my Swed ex boyfriend checked in, and I forgot to unplug my internet cable in the room, when I called to check they said it’s not there but I knew for sure like 100% it was there because I couldn’t find it anywhere else! ah, lesson learned for me


    1. Thank you Cathy for your response. Search Tuesdays or Wednesdays to get the best prices for your flight tickets. Anytime you get back to the hotel and head straight to the reception I’m sure you’ll get a better answer.

      Happy Flying!

    1. Thanks for the response. Useful tips, right? with the tea bags? They keep your luggage bursting out with nice smells anytime you get to open it.

      Happy Flying!

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