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Two traditional Bangkok fighters posed for what seems to be a combat. AFCT
Cheap flights to Bangkok.

Organizing a trip or vacation to Yangon for a short break seems to be with ease when all you want is the best prices on flight for that one-hour 25-minute flying without any rush, not even a check-in bag allowance.


There are scores of web based booking sites that convey point-to-point choices and some notwithstanding asserting to be one-stop shops.


We looked at Expedia for a trip to Yangon 15 to 22 May. We checked out for round-trip prices. Expedia classifies the travel encounter by every carrier on a size of 1 to 10 for flight duration, aircraft used and luxuries.


Only for the record the roundabout routing by means of Chiang Mai on Bangkok Airways is rated 4.5 out of 10. That is the most minimal for good reasons. The routing with a layover in Chiang Mai for two hours and 20 minutes and the change from the spacious A320 to a space starved ATR72 downfalls this offer as does the round-trip cost at a ludicrous THB 7,510.


Accounting a score of 8.5 out of 10, Thai Airways International has the finest standard for its night flight (1750) utilizing the exceptionally spacious A330 and including conveniences, for example, a evening meal and a handsome luggage allowance. The round-trip price begins at THB 6,750.


Thai AirAsia

At the opposite end of the fare scale, with a ranking of 7.1, Thai AirAsia will fly you to Yangon on its night flight for a round-trip price of THB 2,208. Yet, there’s not a single perk to be seen at that cost. You don’t see any seat allocation, no nourishment nor drinks, no luggage allowance. You should dive into your pocket if you want something to bite, and will definitely get a drainage of about THB 300 on the off chance that you choose a fast-food burger at Bangkok’s Don Mueang Airport.


Nok Air is in the no frills class as well, with its roundtrip THB 2,190 fare for the very same reasons. It is evaluated 7.4.


Thai Lion Air, utilizing a Boeing 737, offers its best round-trip fare at THB 3,490 on its night takeoff from Don Mueang Airport.


A higher score of 8.1 goes to Myanmar Airways International for its 2020 takeoff from Bangkok utilizing a Boeing 737. The flight time is precisely one hour the most shortest accessible. The fare is THB 4,370.


Thai Smile offers an early afternoon takeoff from Suvarnabhumi Airport terminal with a round-trip price of THB 5,270. The flight time is one hour and 25 minutes and its ranking 7.4 out of 10.


At long last, Bangkok Airways most rational choice is its direct service departing at 16:45 citing a round-trip price of THB 5,920. This choice gets a 7.4 rating.


Very little difference between the rankings with the most low at 7.1 and the highest at 8.5.


The drawback is you need to repeat the whole online process once more to book lodgings, airplane terminal exchanges and touring. On the off chance that you need to book a tour around Yangon or beyond, you confront a total disengaged feelings. Find yourself sending messages to a travel agent time wasting when you need to finish up the whole holiday booking in one straightforward session with dashing from site to the following.


You will find that even the travel organizations that claim to have an online existence with bookable content on their site have generally put resources into a static grandstand for viewing as it were. Purchases are unrealistic you must be altered.


Traditionally dressed up Bangkok fighters. AFCT
Cheap flights to Yangon.


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