Air France Super Low-Cost and an in-flight care package


50 Feet of Sudoku Puzzles

You open what resembles an in-flight mind bundle to discover 50 feet of Sudoku puzzles on a tapelike roll, Champagne-flavored gummy candies and a scratch-and-sniff patch that odors like boeuf bourguignon. In a period of super low-cost airlines, where your ticket won’t exclude a palatable hot dish or free access to electronic excitement, the box helps you to remember what could be if you spend more time on Air France.


That is the thought behind the airline’s new “Take a Risk or Fly Air France” campaign, which will start appearing in American digital ad space this week.

“We need to remind our customers and our future customers that there is another approach to travel, even in economy, where everything is incorporated,” said Dominique Wood, Air France’s official VP of brand and communication.  With Air France Super Low-Cost and an in-flight care package, you will be able to enjoy things that other flights are yet to deliver. “You have an extremely cozy seat, you have a hot meal and a full supplement of amusement, and on the off chance that you can have it — in case you’re the right age — a glass of French Champagne.”


Low-Cost Option

Air France is seeing increasingly rivalry, even on its trans-Atlantic routes, from generally European airlines that promote absolute rock-bottom tickets. (Air France additionally has its own ultra low-cost option, listed online as a “light” fare, that does exclude a checked back. To keep its base tickets more competitive, the carrier charges a cut for a seat on most economy tickets.)


With cheap flights winding up progressively, Air France’s campaign offers a picture out of another period. The carrier needs to tell travelers that flying does not really need to be a stripped down ordeal.

And, Ms. Wood said, those ultralow flight tickets are not always as cheap as they seem.


“We are very persuaded with the fact that most of our ultra low-cost airline’s customers don’t have the foggiest idea about that they pay almost a similar cost when they travel with the low-cost company because when they have the baggage, the meal, the beverages, the excitement, at the end of the day it’s fundamentally the same as the all-included price they could pay with Air France,” Ms. Wood said. “As we have the image of a very premium airline, it’s not obvious for them to comprehend that.”



AirFrance Campaign

The Air France campaign will for the most part be a digital one, however guests to the Grove mall  in Los Angeles on Saturday can win sets of round-trip economy tickets. The Sudoku puzzle tape, candies and scratch-and-sniff patches will likewise be given away, and will be accessible in an online sweepstakes.


American ultra low-cost airlines don’t  compete precisely with Air France, however they utilize a similar publicizing systems that its more affordable worldwide competitors do.


“Clearly, we promote our low-cost flight tickets intensely — it’s the price point that will be effective at getting attention,” Tyri Squyres, the VP of marketing at Frontier Airlines, said in an email. “And after that we instruct clients on every one of the choices they have with us.”


She included: “Our aim is to basically let individuals get off the couch and go. Our low flight tickets encourages more individuals to travel and do it all the more frequently.”


Travelers Cost Cognizant

Air fare-based publicizing has been a prominent strategy for quite a long time, yet as travelers have turned out to be more cost cognizant, to some extent in light of the fact that researching cheap flight tickets has never been less demanding, they once in a while disregard the fine print. Numerous ultra-low-cost airlines charge additional expenses for administrations like choosing a seat before flight, checking a bag and getting on-board beverages and snacks.



This, Ms. Squyres stated, is where company’s marking turns out to be significantly more vital.

“The exact thing we need to do is have a customer amazed at the airport,” she said. “We have put intensely in the majority of our touch points to guarantee customers understand our service and all of their options.”

Frontier & AirFrance Techniques


Frontier’s site as of late had a redesign, which emphasized making the fee structure more clear.

Henry Harteveldt, the founder of Atmosphere Research Group and a former marketer at a number of airlines, said Air France’s and Frontier’s marketing techniques were both great cases of how airline advertising has changed throughout the decades.



“Airlines don’t do a great deal of advertising any longer,” Mr. Harteveldt said. “They center a considerable measure of their media investment now in search engine optimization.”

He noticed that American airlines were some of the least likely to promote. “When you have four vast carriers, they don’t need to advertise as aggressively as they once did,” he included.


Way Up Yonder!

That is a major change from a couple of decades back. From T.W.A’s, “Way up yonder, to United’s “Friendly Skies,” business marking was vital to a carrier’s image.

One of Mr. Harteveldt’s most loved ads was British Airways’ “Manhattan” commercial, which stressed on how every year the company flew a larger number of travelers over the Atlantic than the number of inhabitants in Manhattan.


That sort of innovativeness can even now be amusing to see in retrospect, however it’s not essentially the most ideal approach to pull in customers.

“The test is that a carrier today, with its advertising, needs to think past simply the media segment of it,” Mr. Harteveldt said. “Will they be running the ads on price comparison sites and on social media? Those are basic now — to reach travelers of any age, evidently — when folks are in that period of longing for travel before they have chosen a carrier.”


Foreign Banner Airlines Competitors

What’s more, when airlines do publicize more traditionally, they need to pick their message carefully. “Airlines need to strike the balance between image-based promoting and hard-hitting retail or strategic marketing,” Mr. Harteveldt said.

In any case, it bodes well, he stated, for Air France to put more in promoting in the Unified States than some of its American rivals.


“The foreign-banner airlines have a tendency to be more aggressive in advertising since they’re not too known and in most cases are publicizing destinations  beyond their home market,” he said.

The “take a risk or fly Air France” campaign emerges due to its accentuation on in-flight service.

“As carriers have unbundled their product, they almost don’t want to remind you of what it’s like to fly them,” Mr. Harteveldt said. “What Air France is doing is a keen promoting move, but on the other hand it’s an overcome marketing move.”


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