9 top things to do in La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz, in Bolivia, is the highest administrative capital in the world. A city as high as the clouds, resting between 3300 and 4100 meters above sea level with tremendous views. In La Paz you will find churches of the 19th century and museums of artifacts from the colonial era. 


Without going any further folks, I present to you the 7 most beautiful things you need do while in La Paz, Bolivia


#1. Free walking tour in La Paz

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La Paz, Bolivia

A good way to see the city centro with a guide who will take you to the most characteristic places and explain local customs and habits. You’ll also have the chance to meet and chat with other people who are travelling around Bolivia and South America.


#2. El Mercado Rodriguez

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Mercado Rodriguez, Bolivia

The walking tour passes through it but it’s an interesting place and worth spending some time there.You’ll feel like you’ll want to take thousand of pictures but be careful because many of the locals don’t appreciate it, so, the best thing to do is ask first!


#3. Calle Sagarnaga

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Sagarnaga, Bolivia

Folks, this is really getting interesting. As we keep discovering the beautiful city with our guide, we knocked into this very big colorful  street full of a lot varieties to buy, one of the best place to buy handicrafts such as alpaca woolen clothes, typical Andean material, jewelry and so on. It took us more than 4 hours to decide on what to pick & buy because they looked lovely. 9 top things to do in La Paz, Bolivia can’t get better than this!


#4. El mercado de las brujas

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El Mercado de las Brujas, Bolivia

The witch market. In this market you can see objects that shamans traditionally use to make offers to Mother Earth, la Pachamama. It’s interesting but at the same time a bit disturbing as it is full of dead lama fetuses that are buried before building a new house, apparently it brings good luck!


#5. Mi Teleferico (Cable car)

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Teleferico in La Paz

Get on one or more lines of the Mi Teleferico and you’ll have a great view of the whole city of La Paz! In the 90s, the idea of constructing a cable car connecting 2 cities, La Paz and El Alto was initiated but never accomplished.


The cable car was finally opened and started operating in 2014. Since then it has been a big tourist attraction and less consumption on fuel. Thanks to the President of Bolivia Evo Morales Ayma for giving us such a beautiful view of La Paz from sky high.


#6. La Feria 16 de Julio

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Plaza Murillo during the show of one of La Paz dance fraternity

El Alto is a city half an hour from La Paz (where the airport is) and it hosts one of the biggest markets in all South America! It’s on from Thursday to Sunday and you can literally find any type of thing one could possibly sell! Try to get a map of the market once you get there because it really is enormous and you could easily get lost.


#7. The Death Road

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Death Road, Bolivia

Another big attraction is the death road. It lasts about three hours and you get down by bike to the Yungas, between the Andean highlands and the eastern forests. Despite the name it is not very dangerous (if you can ride a bike properly) and it is one of the main tourist attractions. There are several agencies that organize it, they hire you a mountain bike and all the equipment you need. 


#8. Graffiti

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Graffiti Art, La Paz

Alright fellows and for all the lovers of graffiti art this is where the camera rolls doesn’t stop even if you want! This is not a guide tour, this is me exploring the hidden streets of la Paz only to discover several beautiful graffiti art works around the city. Asking some locals around can help you also discover more beautiful street art works.

#9. Nightlife

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The best neighborhood to go to clubs is Sopocachi. On Thursdays you can see a show of the afrobolivian music called Saya in club “Malegria” and on Tuesdays you can go practice some salsa at Mongos, where you can attend salsa classes and then dance to a live band.


If you want to go to more traditional places and listen to some Andean music or some Bolivian cumbia, you must hang out in the centre, mainly San Francisco and nearby streets.


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24 thoughts on “9 top things to do in La Paz, Bolivia

    1. Thank you Orlando for the feedback. It is indeed loads of fun you can get in the “death road”, totally opposite to the name. If you’ve not been there already you should definitely go visit and tell your friends what they are missing! Mercado de las brujas, a beautiful market to explore with tons of fetish things to pick away if you are a believer. Feel free to drop by for more travel updates. Thanks!

      Happy Flying!

  1. Great post!! Death road is not dangerous?!! That’s so crazy. Good to know, because I would’ve stayed FAR away from there after hearing the name! Haha. It looks absolutely beautiful, I’d love to photograph it. Great info all around, thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Thanks Christie for the response. Everybody thinks the same on hearing the name “death road” like, no way! But as we can all see is nothing but fun. You should, them photos looks amazing. Always welcome!

      Happy Flying!

  2. La Paz looks like a great place to visit! I love the market, local markets are something I try to visit in every city I go to. I’m not too keen on the Death Road though!

    1. Thanks Maggie for the feedback. La Paz is indeed lovely to visit. You should add it to your list of countries to count down. If you not the “death road” type then you’d definitely love Calle Sagarnaga and probably El Mercado de las Brujas.

      Safe Flying!

  3. I’m ready to go to Bolivia after this! The cable car views are absolutely stunning! I would love to see the local markets and drive a mountain bike on the death road! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Kreete for the feedback. I’m glad this article could make you say GO Bolivia. Tremendous view, get that camera rolling when you get up the cable car. Tell me about it when you get to death road!

      Happy Flying!

    1. Thanks Iza for the feedback. Make up time to visit the city that has nothing but fun and much entertainment to offer. At Calle Sagarnaga you’d find some good souvenir to grab home.

      Happy Flying!

    1. Thanks for your response. Everybody that has visited only has one thing to say about it all “REMARKABLE”. Colorful La Paz I’d call it.

      Happy Flying!

  4. Oh I can’t wait to get to Bolivia! The death road looks like a lot of fun to mountain bike down. Great info on things to see and do

    1. Thanks Jean for the feedback. La Paz, Bolivia is a beautiful country to visit with lovely people around you. People get drawn back with the name but I assure you’ll have an awesome time.

      Safe Flying!

  5. I found La Paz one of the challenging cities I’ve ever been to and I couldn’t wait to leave it behind again. I only went on the teleferico which was really nice. The walking tour and the feria looks cool too!

    1. Thanks Naomi for the response. La Paz like any other place needs more time to explore so, coming back would be a great idea to check out more!

      Happy flying!

  6. I’ve always wanted to get to La Paz! I actually lived in Chile for two years but never had the opportunity to get to Bolivia. I especially want to ride the teleferico!!

    1. Thanks Leah for the response. I know how you feel staying in Chile for two years that close to La Paz and having not to visit is a sucker. The beauty of it is that we can always get back anytime we want so, make it a plan and hit me back with the details! Thanks.

      Safe Flying!

  7. La Paz is really a unique city and definitely what you pointed out in your post are the best things one can do over there! The Death Road is not at all as dangerous as it sounds, I’m not very adventurous but I really enjoyed it! And I bought some great presents and souvenirs at Calle Sagarnaga. You can find very unusual things and at a very good price, the secret (if you speak Spanish) is always to bargain!

    1. Thanks Alice for the response. “Death Road” sounds dangerous but has nothing to do with danger rather all fun time. Calle Sagarnaga can’t be passed by without picking one, two items. You are right about the communication, if you can do over with the language a bit you will have plenty to buy with little cash.Thanks again.

      Happy Flying!

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