10 Moderate Summer Dream Destinations

We have about five weeks until the end of the spring semester, on the event that you are intending to travel this summer, it’s a great opportunity now to choose that destination. With such huge numbers of new choices for accommodation nowadays, an intriguing get-away to Cancun won’t be so distant. Sites like Airbnb and Hostelworld are on the ascent, and they’ve made it possible for youths of 20’s to snatch a companion and go. Here are 10 moderate summer dream destinations for college students that are fun, astounding, and financially reasonable.


These are the best 10 travel destinations for students under $1,100 dollars


1. Cancun

ways to travel to cancun cheap, enjoy party time at carmen
Lovely Beach side in Cancun


In case you’re prepared for some tasty tacos and enticing tequila, Cancun has you secured. There are a few reasons why it has rapidly turned out to be one of America’s top travel destinations. With crystal clear blue waters, white powder sand, inventive culinary choices, and reasonable flight deals, it beat our rundown at number one. Board a five-hour flight from Pensacola to Cancun for $544. At that point bunk up with a buddy, for safety, and snatch a surprisingly cheap Hostel dorm for $6 a night. Or on the other hand, move up to a private at the ease of $38 a night. A seven-day Mexican trip will cost you under $600-850.


2. Las Vegas

Beautiful streets of Las Vegas with coconut trees
Spend the best summer time this year in Las Vegas

In case you’re searching for an experience that is overwhelming, Las Vegas is your most logical option, no pun intended. With some of the best eateries and clubs on the planet, this energetic city has something for everybody. Jump on a six-hour flight from Fort Walton Shoreline to Las Vegas for $521. Reserve an extraordinarily cheap Airbnb for $10 a night. A seven-day trip in Sin City will cost you under $650. You can even get super cheap beverages by playing the penny slots and betting the absolute minimum. A normal $10 cocktail may just cost you 25 cents, and you may even win a couple of pennies back.


3. Miami, FL

Great picture of Miami. Tall buildings behind with a mini tram and some US flags.
Awesome things to do in Miami, Florida.

It’s the city of melodies that became Scarface and assassinated Gianni Versace. South Beach is lively, it’s hot and it’s not very far away. The shopping is remarkable and the clubs are bouncing. You can get a short four-hour flight from Pensacola to Miami at the super minimal price of $391. Going through Airbnb for cheap rooms beginning at $30 a night. For a seven-night stay, you can do Miami Beach for under $700.


4. New York

The street of New York with traffic lights and several cab drivers.
New York this summer with fun things to do

Throughout the years, New York City has been nicknamed the Big Apple, “the city that never sleeps,” and even “the city of dreams.” Truly, could be the best city in the world — alright, some may contend this statement, yet it’s unquestionably truly outstanding. Catch a broadway play, go out for a stroll in Times Square, or even view the glorious beauty of the Statue of Liberty from a boat. Fly on a four-hour flight from Pensacola to LaGuardia for $407. Browse through Hostelworld for rooms beginning at $55 a night. Reserve a seven-night trip in Gotham City for under $800.


5. Nassau Bahamas

The Bahamas island on the shoreline with tall buildings.
Beautiful Nassau Bahamas Beach

On the off chance that you’ll settle for nothing than Paradise, look no more than the Bahamas. Hop on a taxi for a quick ride that will take you over to Nassau’s own one of a kind Paradise Island where the grand resort of Atlantis lives. A four-hour flight from Pensacola to Nassau for $416. In case you’re trying to spare cash, you can overlook Atlantis since it has a portion of the most astounding room rates in the zone. Rather, decide on an elegantly priced hostel dormitory, beginning at $35 a night. Or on the other hand snatch a private alternative for somewhat more, just $75 a night. A seven-night stay in supreme paradise will cost you under $700-$950.


6. London

Streets of London with the original double decker bus with taxis. AFCT
Find out things you can do in London.

The Brits are known for a lot of great things. They brought to the US the Beatles, David Beckham, and Fish and Chips. What’s more, a great deal of Americans can’t seem to get enough of those sexy British accents. Regardless of what your reason might be for needing to visit this amazing European city, you’ll be welcomed with much energy and treated with great regard. Prince Harry is preparing to get married to an American actress, all things considered. Book a 15-hour flight from Fort Walton Beach to London for $888. Search through Hostelworld for dormitories beginning at $20 a night. A seven-night trip may cost you under $1,100.



7. Colombia

Typical traditional Colombia colorful mud houses in the village. AFCT
Great things to do in Bogota, Colombia

At the point when folks think of Colombia, you might be thinking of them drug cartels and Pablo Escobar. However, Columbia is considerably more than that. It’s sit beneath the Andes, the longest continental mountain range on the planet, which is likewise a standout amongst the most beautiful. Numerous coffee plantations. Bogota the capital city is known for its great restaurants and shops. Book a nine-hour flight from Pensacola to Santa Marta for $888. Go through Hostelworld for dormitories beginning at $11 a night. A seven-night trip in the perfect Colombian desert could cost you under $1,000.


8. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The shoreline of Canada with the CN Tower standing out! AFCT
Take a lift up high with the CN Tower in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

On the off chance that you’ve for the longest time been itching to visit Canada, I’ll start up with it’s biggest city, Toronto. You will discover a pack of activities in this enormous city, and you should need to begin with a lift ride up the CN Tower. At the time it was assembled, it was the biggest freestanding structure in the world. Fanatics may even choose to go out for a stroll on the “Edge Walk:” a hands free stroll on a 1.5 meter wide ledge outwardly edge of the pod, at a height of 365 meters. Security bridle is incorporated obviously. Book a four-hour flight from Pensacola for $568. Book a dorm on Hostelworld for $25, or a private for $70. Fly and stay for under $800-$1,100.


9. Sedona, AZ

Sedona, Arizona with beautiful nature. Trees and mountains. AFCT
Sedona, Arizona with great hiking activities.

Adventurers and nature lovers pay heed. Not exclusively is Sedona a standout amongst the most beautiful cities in America, it has a plenty fun and energizing activities. From ATV rides to hot air ballon rides and everything in the middle. Book a 5.5-hour flight from Pensacola to Phoenix for $555. You can book an Airbnb for as cheap as $50 a night. Appreciate a seven-night trip for under $900. Simply remember to pack a good pair of climbing shoes.


10. Costa Rica

Beach side of Costa Rica with wooden chairs to seat on and lovely trees. AFCT
Costa Rica beautiful beach side.

On the event of finding out the wonderful lands of volcanoes, shorelines, and rainforests sounds like a fun time, you don’t need to fly the distance to Hawaii to do it. Apart from Costa Rica been considerably closer, it’s likewise a great deal and cheap on the wallet. You can go white water rafting, ziplining, snorking and even cave jumping. Book a six-hour flight from Pensacola to San Jose for $696. Book a room on Airbnb for as cheap as $50 a night. With everything included, you can do Costa Rica for under $1,000.



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